Origin: Newcastle, England  
Genres: NWOBHM
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Last update/review: November 16, 2015


Fist was one of several early NWOBHM bands who were snapped up by MCA Records at about the same time, along with Quartz, Tygers Of Pan Tang, and White Spirit. Their sound wasn't too different from their contemporaries, with the exception being they had a slightly more melodic feel to their songs. Two albums were released, and like many other NWOBHM bands, they faded away soon after, disbanding in 1984. A reunion in 2001 eventually led to the 2005 release of Storm, and after that version of the band folded, another reincarnation started up in 2013.

Current Members

Glenn Howes

guitars/vocals (ex-Tygers Of Pan Tang)

Dave Irwin


Norman Appleby


Harry Hill


Former Members/Guests

Glenn Coates


Keith Satchfield


John Roach


Martin Metcalf


John Wylie



Turn The Hell On  
1980 MCA
  1. Hole in the wall song
  2. The watcher
  3. Collison course
  4. You'll never get me up
  5. Forever amber
  6. Axe man
  7. The vamp
  8. Terminus
  9. One percenter
  10. Name rank and serial number
  • Keith Satchfield
  • Dave Irwin
  • John Wylie
  • Harry Hill

Back With A Vengeance  
1982 Neat
  1. Turn the hell on
  2. S.S. Giro
  3. Too hot
  4. Lost and found
  5. The feelings right
  6. Dog soldier
  7. All I can do
  8. Devil rise
  9. Going wild tonight
  • Glenn Coates
  • John Roach
  • Dave Irwin
  • Norman Appleby
  • Harry Hill

Back With A Vengeance - The Fist Anthology  COMPILATION
  1. SS Giro (Original Axe Version)
  2. Name Rank and Serial Number
  3. You'll Never Get Me Up (In One of Those)
  4. Throwing in the Towel
  5. Turn the Hell On
  6. SS Giro (LP Version)
  7. Too Hot
  8. Lost and Found
  9. The Feeling's Right
  10. Dog Soldier
  11. All I Can Do
  12. Devil Rise
  13. Going Wild Tonight
  14. The Wanderer
  15. Brain Damage
  16. One Percenter
  17. Vamp
  18. Hole in the Wall Gang
  19. Axeman
  20. Forever Amber
  21. Watcher
  22. Terminus
  23. Gone Without a Trace
  24. Collision Course
  25. Same Time Same Place
  26. Roll It
  27. Pumping Iron
  28. Give It All Back
  29. Left Standing Again
  30. Where They Are
  31. Dog Soldier
  32. See the Devil Rise (Demo)
  33. Law of the Jungle

  1. Fe Fi Fo Fum
  2. Guardian Angel
  3. Acid Rock
  4. Storm
  5. Name Rank & Serial Number
  6. Try A Little Love On Me
  7. Brain Damage
  8. Supercallousflagellisticexpertcunnilingus
  9. Big Rig
  10. Never Got Me Up In One Of Those
  11. Land Of The Rising Sun (Bonus Track)
  • Keith Satchfield
  • Martin Metcalf
  • Harry Hill

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