Origin: Hamburg, Germany  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: November 27, 2021
Last update/review: November 27, 2021

Fvneral Fvkk

Yes, one should address the elephant in the room -- that band name. Whatever comes to mind when one thinks of a band called Fvneral Fvkk, serious, graceful doom metal probably isn't it. But here we are, with Carnal Confessions being one of the surprise albums of 2019, justifiably landing on many critic top album lists. Borrowing liberally from the classic doom style (early Candlemass, for one) yet still retaining a level of originality, Confessions just does the genre right, with serious lyrical content regarding abuse within the Catholic religion (thus a tie to that band name) and a general sense of majesty and decorum. The band was initially anonymous, and now that they've been revealed as somewhat of a sister band to the fine doomdeath band Ophis, it remains to be seen whether these guys will continue as a serious project.

Current Members

Cantor Cinaedicus (Simon Schorneck)

vocals (ex-Ophis)

Decanus Obscaenus (N. Nivera)


Vicarius Vespillo (Oliver Kröplin)

bass (Ophis)

Frater Flagellum (Philipp Kruppa)

drums (Ophis)


Lecherous Liturgies  EP
2017 Solitude
  1. Erection in the House of God
  2. Underneath the Phelonion
  3. Fvkking at Fvnerals
  • Cantor Cinaedicus
  • Decanus Obscaenus
  • Vicarius Vespillo
  • Frater Flagellum

Carnal Confessions  
2019 Solitude
  1. Omnia ad Dei Gloriam
  2. Chapel of Abuse
  3. A Shadow in the Dormitory
  4. Alone with the Cross
  5. The Hallowed Leech
  6. Poor Sisters of Nazareth
  7. To Those in the Grave
  8. When God Is Not Watching
  • Cantor Cinaedicus
  • Decanus Obscaenus
  • Vicarius Vespillo
  • Frater Flagellum

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