Origin: Minot, North Dakota, USA  
Genres: Black Metal, Alternative Metal
Page online: July 17, 2021
Last update/review: November 27, 2021

Ghost Bath

The Ghost Bath tale has been extensively written in the metal underground, but here's a refresher course. Somewhere between the band's first and second releases, their status rose from nobodies to serious post-black contenders (with plenty of divisive opinions on just how good they were), and at least some of the buzz was attributed to the band claiming to be from China (or at least they went along with the story), only later to be outed as hailing from North Dakota. Their style (mixing black metal, post-metal, and shoegaze) was heavily compared to Deafheaven, both in complimentary terms as well as being accused of plagiarists. And then there's the vocals -- distant, random-ish, and in fact wordless, just shrieking. Finally, there's the inevitable curiosity/backlash that often seems to accompany bands whose membership is anonymous (even as of this writing, it's not entirely clear who originally was in the band apart from the vocalist). To the band's credit, there's a clear maturation between the 2014 Funeral debut and 2017's Starmourner as the Deafheaven vibes are somewhat lessened. This may be a band whose underground buzz may actually end up a hindrance (Myrkur can relate), as album reviews continue to be all over the map. The so-called blackgaze style may or may not have already run its course, and thus it will be interesting to see where Ghost Bath goes from here.

Current Members

Dennis Mikula


Tim Church


John Olivier


Josh Jaye


Jason Hirt


Former Members/Guests



Jamie Schlittenhart


Taylor Hruby



Ghost Bath  EP
2013 independent
  1. Apathy
  2. Despair
  3. Lust
  4. Hope
  • Dennis Mikula
  • Donovan
  • Jamie Schlittenhart
  • Taylor Hruby

2014 independent
  1. Torment
  2. Burial
  3. Silence
  4. Procession
  5. Dead
  6. Sorrow
  7. Calling
  8. Continuity
  9. March
  10. Afterlife
  11. Birth
  12. Forever
  • Dennis Mikula
  • Donovan
  • Jamie Schlittenhart
  • Taylor Hruby

2015 N. Silence
  1. The Sleeping Fields
  2. Golden Number
  3. Happyhouse
  4. Beneath the Shade Tree
  5. The Silver Flower (Part I)
  6. The Silver Flower (Part II)
  7. Death and the Maiden
  • Dennis Mikula

2017 N. Silence
  1. Astral
  2. Seraphic
  3. Ambrosial
  4. Ethereal
  5. Celestial
  6. Angelic
  7. Luminescence
  8. Thrones
  9. Elysian
  10. Cherubim
  11. Principalities
  12. Ode
  • Dennis Mikula
  • Tim Church
  • John Olivier
  • Josh Jaye
  • Jason Hirt

Self Loather  
2021 N. Silence
  1. Convince Me to Bleed
  2. Hide from the Sun
  3. Shrines of Bone
  4. Sanguine Mask
  5. A Crystal Lattice
  6. Sinew and Vein
  7. I Hope Death Finds Me Well
  8. For It Is a Veil
  9. Unbearable
  10. Flickering Wicks of Black
  • Dennis Mikula
  • Tim Church
  • John Olivier
  • Josh Jaye
  • Jason Hirt

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