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Last update/review: June 27, 2015

The Great Deceiver

Tomas Lindberg is still revered for his time spent in the seminal Swedish death metal band At The Gates, and since that band's initial demise he has shown up in a variety of groups, mostly tied to death metal either directly or indirectly. The Great Deceiver was not a death metal band, and thus was kind of the black sheep of the Lindberg family of bands. The style on A Venom Well Received was a bit hard to pinpoint, as it featured mid-paced songs, with driving, harsh guitar riffs accentuated by a spacey, phased guitar sound, which is a nice effect though it borders on overuse here. Surprisingly, the genre that The Great Deceiver might have been closest to is nu-metal -- they were not a nu-metal band, but had some nu-metal characteristics, and with a different vocalist (one of those half-crooning, half-hardcore-shouting types that most nu-metal bands employ) the similarities would have been more noticeable. Lindberg turned in a typical performance, though for some reason he sounded less dynamic than usual, his trademark hoarse yells having less range than the music might dictate. Kudos to these guys for doing something a bit different, though it's hard to tell who the target audience was for this band.

Last Lineup

Tomas Lindberg

vocals (At The Gates, ex-The Crown, Lock Up, The Lurking Fear, ex-Nightrage)

Kristian Wahlin


Johan Osterberg


Matti Lundell


Hans Nilsson

drums (ex-Crystal Age, Dimension Zero)

Former Members/Guests

Kalle Anderson


Ulf Scott



Cave-In  EP
1999 Bridge
  1. Cornered Rat
  2. Jet Black Art
  3. Suffering Redefined
  4. End Made Flesh And Blood
  5. Desperate And Empty
  • Tomas Lindberg
  • Kristian Wahlin
  • Johan Osterberg
  • Matti Lundell
  • Kalle Anderson

2000 Trustkill

A Venom Well Designed  
2002 Peaceville
  1. Pierced
  2. The Living End
  3. Poisoned Chalice
  4. After Us The Flood
  5. Enter The Martyrs
  6. The Demon's Lair
  7. Arsenic Dreams
  8. Strychnine
  9. The Blade
  10. Leave It All Behind
  11. Destroy - Adore
  • Tomas Lindberg
  • Kristian Wahlin
  • Johan Osterberg
  • Matti Lundell
  • Hans Nilsson

Terra Incognito  
2004 Peaceville
  1. Today
  2. We-The Dead
  3. Lake Of Sulphar
  4. From Bereavement To Resgination
  5. Marathon Man
  6. The Heel On The Throat Of The Young
  7. Faust In Exile
  8. Forward/Willing/Sickness
  9. Conspiracy Theorist
  10. Worm Of Truth
  • Tomas Lindberg
  • Kristian Wahlin
  • Johan Osterberg
  • Matti Lundell
  • Ulf Scott

Life Is Wasted On The Living  
2007 Deathwish
  1. Home To Oblivion
  2. Lifeline Lost
  3. Running With Scissors
  4. The Big Radiating Nothing
  5. Annihilating Liberty
  6. A Life Transparent
  7. In The Wake Of Progress
  8. A Myth Retired
  9. Small Town Ignorance
  10. Escapeplan Routed
  11. Discontent
  12. 21st Century Heartburn
  • Tomas Lindberg
  • Kristian Wahlin
  • Johan Osterberg
  • Matti Lundell
  • Hans Nilsson

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