Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: February 24, 2006
Last update/review: February 24, 2006

Crystal Age

Crystal Age was a short-lived band led by guitarist/vocalist Oscar Dronjak, who formed the band after leaving his previous group Ceremonial Oath. Their one album, Far Beyond Divine Horizons, was a fairly frenzied Swedish death metal album, with some impressive guitar work and inventive rhythms on display, though Dronjak's higher-pitched (for death metal), scratchy vocals didn't really add much to the mix. Dronjak and bassist Fredrik Larsson went on to HammerFall in due time and Crystal Age was done.

Last Lineup

Oscar Dronjak

guitars/vocals (ex-Ceremonial Oath, HammerFall)

Moses Jonathan Elfström


Fredrik Larsson

bass (HammerFall)

Hans Nilsson

drums (Dimension Zero, ex-The Great Deceiver)


Far Beyond Divine Horizons  
1996 VIC
  1. ACT I: The Proclamation - Far Beyond Divine Horizons
  2. Fortune And Glory
  3. ACT II: Being Lead Astray - The Beauty Of Evil
  4. Son Of Time
  5. WindWalker
  6. ACT III: Dieties Overthrown - Crystals Of The Wise
  7. On Blooded Wings
  8. ACT IV: Rage Of Vindication - Tempt Not Thy Maker
  9. Star Destroyer
  10. ACT V: Conclusion, The War Endeth - Retaliation
  • Oscar Dronjak
  • Moses Jonathan Elfstr√∂m
  • Fredrik Larsson
  • Hans Nilsson

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