Origin: Finland  
Genres: Viking Metal
Last update/review: November 1, 2006

Hin Onde

Hin Onde formed in 1996 and underwent some name changes (starting with Calm, later Svartalfheim, before settling on Hin Onde) and style changes before recording a demo in 1998, followed by Songs Of Battle in 2000. By this time they had dropped the doom/death influences of their early days and instead settled on a Viking/folk theme. Songs Of Battle is thus comparable to early works by Thyrfing or Einherjer, though they don't sound directly like either. Occasionally a bit of Celtic-ish sounds break through, somewhat like what The Lord Weird Slough Feg has succeeded at in the past. The album is a bit rough around the edges, but there are some fine melodies here, and a good sense of pace and variety. A second album, Shades Of Solstice, was released in 2003, but the band broke up some time afterward.

Last Lineup

Jani Hytönen


Tomi Kalliola

vocals/guitars/keyboards (Wyrd)

Jani Loikas


Mikko Virkki


Ville Pallonen



Songs Of Battle  
2000 Aftermath
  1. Songs of Battle
  2. House of Hel
  3. The Rune- Singer's Path
  4. Soulswan
  5. Twelve Valiant Men
  6. Burning the Lake Alue
  7. Fimbulwinter
  8. Through Sinister Landscapes
  9. Language of the Woods
  10. 24th of September 1155
  11. Paganheart
  12. House of Hel (Alt. Version)
  13. The Rune- Singer's Path (Alt. Version)
  14. Soulswan (Alt. Version)
  • Tomi Kalliola
  • Mikko Virkki
  • Ville Pallonen

Shades Of Solstice  
2003 Solistitium
  1. Ukonvasara
  2. Sorcery of the Nameless
  3. Galdr
  4. The Archaic Traveller
  5. Supreme Chaos
  6. Lamentations of the Wind
  7. In the Forest of Mourning
  8. Shades of Solstice
  9. Perilous Journey
  • Jani Hytönen
  • Tomi Kalliola
  • Jani Loikas
  • Mikko Virkki
  • Ville Pallonen

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