Origin: Aberdeen, Scotland  
Genres: Black Metal, Thrash Metal
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Page online: October 7, 2023
Last update/review: October 7, 2023


Hellripper is a one-man Scottish project founeded by James McBain, with a first EP released in 2015 and progressing enough to attract the interest of Peaceville for the most recent two albums, 2020's The Affair Of The Roses and 2023's Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags. The style here is breakneck-speed blackened thrash, with hints of early Slayer and Venom but with a bit more black metal influence (vocals in particular) in feel and with a more modern edge, somewhat in the same ballpark as, say, Bütcher. It's not a terribly original formula, but McBain makes the most of it, delivering increasingly developed tracks yet not straying from the basics. It's becoming cliche to say "this is impressive for a one-man band", but in fact it's quite a feat to put out music like this in a solo setting.

Current Members

James McBain

vocals/all instruments


The Manifestation Of Evil  EP
  1. Flesh Ripper
  2. Total Mayhem
  3. Black Mass Sacrifice
  4. Trial by Fire
  • James McBain

Complete And Total Fucking Mayhem  COMPILATION
  1. Flesh Ripper
  2. Total Mayhem
  3. Black Mass Sacrifice
  4. Trial by Fire
  5. Hell's Rock 'n' Roll
  6. Armed with the End (Rats of Reality cover)
  7. Full Moon Witchery
  8. Nekroslut
  9. Mephistophelian Dreams
  10. Blood on the Cross
  11. Nuclear Hell
  12. Nocturnal Terror

Coagulating Darkness  
  1. Bastard of Hades
  2. Anneliese
  3. Demdike (In League with the Devil)
  4. Within the Everlasting Hellfire
  5. From Hell
  6. Black Invocation
  7. Conduit Closing
  8. Coagulating Darkness
  • James McBain

Black Arts & Alchemy  EP
  1. All Hail the Goat
  2. Decrepit Christ
  3. Black Arts & Alchemy
  4. Headless Angels
  5. Iron Heads (Running Wild cover)
  • James McBain

The Affair Of The Poisons  
2020 Peaceville
  1. The Affair of the Poisons
  2. Spectres of the Blood Moon Sabbath
  3. Vampire's Grave
  4. Beyond the Convent Walls
  5. Savage Blasphemy
  6. Hexennacht
  7. Blood Orgy of the She-Devils
  8. The Hanging Tree
  • James McBain

Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags  
2023 Peaceville
  1. The Nuckelavee
  2. I, The Deceiver
  3. Warlocks Grim & Withered Hags
  4. Goat Vomit Nightmare
  5. The Cursed Carrion Crown
  6. The Hissing Marshes
  7. Poison Womb (The Curse of the Witch)
  8. Mester Stoor Worm
  • James McBain

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