Origin: Canada  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: March 24, 2003


Interzone was formed by guitarist/vocalist Rob Urbinati several years after the dissolution of his previous band, the well-known Canadian thrash band Sacrifice Cydonia displays a somewhat similar style of aggressive thrash that fans of Sacrfice would surely get into, even though the pace is a bit more mid-tempo and the guitars have a more modern, harder edge, rather than the crunchier tones of Urbinati's earlier work. Though a decent release, this album didn't seem to get a lot of notice, and the band as well hasn't gotten the press one might have expected given Urbinati's pedigree. It's not clear whether this band is still active, as Urbinati was recently reported as working with various musicians in a project called Tenet.

Last Lineup

Rob Urbinati

guitars/vocals (Sacrifice)


guitars (ex-Monster Voodoo Machine, Soulstorm)

Kevin Wimberley

bass (ex-Sacrifice)

Drew Gauley

drums (ex-Monster Voodoo Machine)


1999 Utopian Vision
  1. Crown Of Lies
  2. The Cage
  3. Bled Me Dry
  4. Still Breathing
  5. Away You Fade
  6. Last Plague
  7. Army Of Me

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