Origin: Glendale, Arizona, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: April 3, 2008
Last update/review: March 6, 2024

Job For A Cowboy

First off, hats off for the monicker, especially given that death metal is hardly known for outside-the-box band names. Job For A Cowboy hails from Arizona, and rather suddenly became quite popular due to a strong Internet presence (MySpace, back then a major social media player, and YouTube), eventually signing to Metal Blade Records for their 2007 debut, Genesis. The style here is semi-technical death metal, with some metalcore elements, switching from a more chaotic metalcore direction earlier in their career. They've managed to keep it coming, with now five albums to their credit as of 2014.

Recent album: Moon Healer, released on February 23, 2024.

Current Members

Johnny Davy


Tony Sannicandro


Al Glassman


Nick Schendzielos

bass (ex-Havok)

Navene Koperweis

drums (ex-Animals As Leaders, guest for Machine Head)

Former Members/Guests

Adnrew Arcurio


Bobby Thompson


Ravi Bjadiraju


Chad Staples


Brent Riggs


Elliott Sellers


Jon Rice

drums (guest for Icarus Witch, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats)

Danny Walker (guest)

drums (ex-Exhumed, ex-Intronaut)


Doom  EP
  1. Catharsis for the Buried (Intro)
  2. Entombment of a Machine
  3. Relinquished
  4. Knee Deep
  5. Suspended by the Throat
  6. The Rising Tide
  • Johnny Davy
  • Adnrew Arcurio
  • Ravi Bjadiraju
  • Chad Staples
  • Elliott Sellers

2007 Metal Blade
  1. Bearing The Serpent's Lamb
  2. Reduced to Mere Filth
  3. Altered From Catechization
  4. Upheaval
  5. Embedded
  6. Strings of Hypocrisy
  7. Martyrdom Unsealed
  8. Blasphemy
  9. The Divine Falsehood
  10. Coalescing Prophecy
  • Johnny Davy
  • Bobby Thompson
  • Ravi Bjadiraju
  • Brent Riggs
  • Elliott Sellers

2009 Metal Blade
  1. Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
  2. Summon the Hounds
  3. Constitutional Masturbation
  4. Regurgitated Disinformation
  5. March to Global Enslavement
  6. Butchering the Enlightened
  7. Lords of Chaos
  8. Psychological Immorality
  9. To Detonate and Exterminate
  10. Ruination
  • Johnny Davy
  • Bobby Thompson
  • Al Glassman
  • Brent Riggs
  • Jon Rice

Gloom  EP
2011 Metal Blade
  1. Misery Reformatory
  2. Plastic Idols
  3. Execution Parade
  4. Signature Of Starving Power
  • Johnny Davy
  • Bobby Thompson
  • Al Glassman
  • Jon Rice

2012 Metal Blade
  1. Children of Deceit
  2. Nourishment Through Bloodshed
  3. Imperium Wolves
  4. Tongueless and Bound
  5. Black Discharge
  6. The Manipulation Stream
  7. The Deity Misconception
  8. Fearmonger
  9. Tarnished Gluttony
  • Johnny Davy
  • Tony Sannicandro
  • Al Glassman
  • Nick Schendzielos
  • Jon Rice

Sun Eater  
2014 Metal Blade
  1. Eating The Visions Of God
  2. Sun Of Nihility
  3. The Stone Cross
  4. The Synthetic Sea
  5. A Global Shift
  6. The Celestial Antidote
  7. Encircled By Mirrors
  8. Buried Monuments
  9. Worming Nightfall
  • Johnny Davy
  • Tony Sannicandro
  • Al Glassman
  • Nick Schendzielos
  • Danny Walker

Moon Healer  
  1. Beyond the Chemical Doorway
  2. Etched in Oblivion
  3. Grinding Wheels of Ophanim
  4. The Sun Gave Me Ashes So I Sought Out the Moon
  5. Into the Crystalline Crypts
  6. A Sorrow-Filled Moon
  7. The Agony Seeping Storm
  8. The Forever Rot
  • Johnny Davy
  • Tony Sannicandro
  • Al Glassman
  • Nick Schendzielos
  • Navene Koperweis

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