Origin: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: June 26, 2006
Last update/review: November 27, 2018

Icarus Witch

Even as metal continues to evolve and new trends come and go, there will always be a few bands that instead choose to relive the past glory that was 80's traditional metal, and Icarus Witch is precisely one such band. Capture The Magic, their 2005 debut full-length album, reeks of classic bands such as early Queensryche, Helstar, Iron Maiden, and many others, yet their unique take on the style prevents them from sounding like mere clones of the genre. Certainly this is not the kind of metal that's in vogue in America these days -- all the more refreshing that a band like this chooses to play what they want rather than pandering to the lastest fad.

Current Members

Andrew D'Cagna

vocals (Brimstone Coven)

Quinn Lukas


Jason Myers


Tom Wierzbicky


Former Members/Guests

Matthew Bizilia


Christopher Shaner


Steve Pollick

guitars (Order Of Nine)

Dave Watson

guitars (ex-Mantic Ritual)

J.C. Dwyer (guest)

drums (ex-Paingod, ex-Pro-Pain)

John Passarelli


Jere Jameson


Steve Johnson


Jon Rice (guest)

drums (ex-Job For A Cowboy)


Roses On White Lace  EP
2004 Magick
  1. Roses On White Lace
  2. Curse Of The Ice Maiden
  3. Halcyon
  4. Winds Of Atlantis
  5. Dragon Ryder
  • Matthew Bizilia
  • Steve Pollick
  • Jason Myers
  • J.C. Dwyer

Capture The Magic  
2005 Magick
  1. Storming The Castle
  2. Capture The Magic
  3. Soothsayer
  4. Forevermore
  5. The Ghost Of Xavior Holmes
  6. Darklands
  7. Nemeton Forest
  8. Awakening The Mountain Giants
  9. S.A.T.O.
  • Matthew Bizilia
  • Steve Pollick
  • Jason Myers
  • John Passarelli

Songs For The Lost  
2007 Cleopatra
  1. Out For Blood
  2. Written In The Stars
  3. The Sky Is Falling
  4. Nature Of The Beast
  5. Mirror, Mirror
  6. Queen Of Lies
  7. Devil's Hour
  8. House Of Usher
  9. Afterlife
  10. Smoke & Mirrors
  • Matthew Bizilia
  • Steve Pollick
  • Quinn Lukas
  • Jason Myers
  • Jere Jameson

Draw Down The Moon  
2010 Cleopatra
  1. Black Candles
  2. Aquarius Rising
  3. Reap What You Sow
  4. Dying Eyes
  5. Draw Down The Moon
  6. Serpent In The Garden
  7. Funeral Wine
  8. Haunting Visions
  9. The Ripper
  • Matthew Bizilia
  • Quinn Lukas
  • Jason Myers
  • Steve Johnson

2012 Cleopatra
  1. The End
  2. (We Are) The New Revolution
  3. Rise
  4. Asylum Harbour
  5. Coming Of The Storm
  6. Tragedy
  7. Say When
  8. Break The Cycle
  9. Nothing Is Forever
  10. Pray
  11. In The Dark
  12. Last Call For Living
  • Christopher Shaner
  • Quinn Lukas
  • Dave Watson
  • Jason Myers
  • Tom Wierzbicky

Goodbye Cruel World  
2018 Cleopatra
  • Andrew D'Cagna
  • Quinn Lukas
  • Jason Myers
  • Jon Rice

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