Origin: Calgary, Canada  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Page online: May 25, 2014
Last update/review: October 25, 2019

Kobra And The Lotus

Kobra And The Lotus has turned some heads with the release of their self-titled album, and their story is not entirely unfamiliar, this being a case where a Famous Musician hears a band and signs them to his new label -- here, that musician is Gene Simmons. Kobra And The Lotus is actually the band's second album, following the lesser-known Out Of The Pit (curiously not even acknowledged on the band's own website), and the style is unabashedly straightforward traditional metal, borrowing heavily from recent American acts along with a healthy Iron Maiden influence in the twin lead guitar department. Metal bands with a female vocalist invariably seem to want to push their singer front and center image-wise (and it's even more obvious here, with Kobra being the vocalist's nickname) -- a marketing ploy? Maybe. Playing to their strengths? Possibly -- while the rest of the band are no slouches, Kobra carries herself well, with a strong midrange voice mixing the right amount of power and melody that this style demands. Could be an up-and-comer in the classic metal field.

Current Members

Kobra Paige


Ronny Gutierrez


Jasio Kulakowski


Brad Kennedy

bass (ex-Unleash The Archers)

Marcus Lee


Former Members/Guests

Matt Van Wezel


Timothy Vega


Chris Swenson


Jurekk James


Peter Dimov


Griffin Kissack


Elias Rodriguez (guest)



Out Of The Pit  
2010 self-released
  1. It's Yours
  2. Focfom
  3. Cynical Wasteland
  4. Teaspoon of Metal
  5. Ballad of Jane Doe
  6. The Hooker
  7. Snake Pit
  8. Ride Like Sugar
  9. Ace of Spades
  10. Legend
  • Kobra Paige
  • Matt Van Wezel
  • Chris Swenson
  • Griffin Kissack

Kobra And The Lotus  
2012 Simmons
  1. 50 Shades of Evil
  2. Welcome to My Funeral
  3. Forever One
  4. My Life
  5. Nayana (My Eyes)
  6. Sanctuary
  7. Lover of the Beloved
  8. No Rest for the Wicked
  9. Aria of Karmika
  • Kobra Paige
  • Timothy Vega
  • Jasio Kulakowski
  • Peter Dimov
  • Griffin Kissack

Words Of The Prophets  EP
  1. Lay It On The Line (Triumph cover)
  2. Sign Of The Gypsy Queen (April Wine cover)
  3. Black Velvet (Alannah Myles cover)
  4. Let It Ride (BTO cover)
  5. Spirit Of The Radio (Rush cover)
  • Kobra Paige
  • Jasio Kulakowski
  • Brad Kennedy
  • Elias Rodriguez

Prevail I  
2017 Napalm
  1. Gotham
  2. TriggerPulse
  3. Specimen X (Mortal Chamber)
  4. Light Me Up
  5. Manifest Destiny
  6. Victim
  7. Check The Phyrg
  8. Hell On Earth
  9. Prevail
  • Kobra Paige
  • Jasio Kulakowski
  • Brad Kennedy
  • Marcus Lee

Prevail II  
2018 Napalm
  1. Losing My Humanity
  2. Let Me Love You
  3. Ribe
  4. My Immortal
  5. Human Empire
  6. Heartache
  7. Velvet Roses
  8. Modern Day Hero
  9. You're Insane
  10. White Water
  11. The Chain
  12. Let Me Love You (acoustic bonus track)
  • Kobra Paige
  • Jurekk James
  • Jasio Kulakowski
  • Brad Kennedy
  • Marcus Lee

2019 Napalm
  1. Evodem
  2. Evolution
  3. Burn!
  4. We Come Undone
  5. Wounds
  6. Thundersmith
  7. Circus
  8. Wash Away
  9. Liar
  10. Get the Fuck Out of Here
  11. In the End
  • Kobra Paige
  • Ronny Gutierrez
  • Jasio Kulakowski
  • Brad Kennedy
  • Marcus Lee

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