Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada  
Genres: Power Metal
Page online: November 5, 2017
Last update/review: September 23, 2020

Unleash The Archers

With the release of 2017's Apex, this Vancouver band seems to be ascending the charts (figuratively, if not literally) of traditionally-minded power metal bands of the new millennium. The blueprint here isn't complicated -- mix maybe two parts Euro-inspired power metal with one part harsher riffing (close to melodic death metal) and place an outstanding vocalist in Brittney Hayes at the mic. A vocalist can make or break a band, and she's definitely making it here, but she's not the only reason to take notice, as the crunchy riffing, catchy songwriting, and stellar production (the latter of which is apparently an improvement over past efforts) make Apex a sure-fire hit. Over the years power metal has both been a strong metal sub-genre as well as a source of derision when the cheese factor bubbles over, and while Unleash The Archers occasionally walk up to that line, they are clearly firing on all cylinders now with four albums under their belts. Particularly when a lot of the big hitters in power metal are beginning to show their age, UTA seems ready to make a move to the top.

Current Members

Brittney Hayes


Grant Truesdell


Andrew Saunders


Nick Miller

bass (ex-Kataklysm)

Scott Buchanon


Former Members/Guests

Mike Selman

guitars (ex-Meatlocker Seven)

Braden Dyczkowski


Andrew Kingsley


Zahk Hedstrom


Brad Kennedy

bass (Kobra And The Lotus)

Kyle Sheppard


Niko Whitworth



Behold The Devastation  
2009 independent
  1. Eat What You Kill
  2. The Ritual and the Reckoning
  3. Destroyer
  4. The Worthy and the Weak
  5. Black Goat of the Woods
  6. The Filth and the Fable
  7. Tied to a Stag
  8. Four in Hand
  • Brittney Hayes
  • Mike Selman
  • Braden Dyczkowski
  • Zahk Hedstrom
  • Scott Buchanon

Demons Of The AstroWaste  
2011 independent
  1. :01
  2. Dawn of Ages
  3. Realm of Tomorrow
  4. General of the Dark Army
  5. Daughters of Winterstone
  6. Battle in the Shadow (Of the Mountain)
  7. Despair
  8. The Outlander
  9. City of Iron
  10. The Fall of the Galactic Guard
  11. Astral Annihilation
  12. Ripping Through Time
  • Brittney Hayes
  • Mike Selman
  • Braden Dyczkowski
  • Zahk Hedstrom
  • Scott Buchanon

Defy The Skies  EP
2012 STM
  1. The Path Unsought
  2. Upon Ashen Wings
  3. Soulstorm
  4. Arise
  • Brittney Hayes
  • Grant Truesdell
  • Braden Dyczkowski
  • Brad Kennedy
  • Scott Buchanon

Time Stands Still  
2015 Napalm
  1. Northern Passage (Intro)
  2. Frozen Steel
  3. Hail of the Tide
  4. Tonight We Ride
  5. Test Your Metal
  6. Crypt
  7. No More Heroes
  8. Dreamcrusher
  9. Going Down Fighting
  10. Time Stands Still
  11. Tonight We Ride (Video edit)
  • Brittney Hayes
  • Grant Truesdell
  • Andrew Kingsley
  • Kyle Sheppard
  • Scott Buchanon

2017 Napalm
  1. Awakening
  2. Shadow Guide
  3. The Matriarch
  4. Cleanse the Bloodlines
  5. The Coward's Way
  6. False Walls
  7. Ten Thousand Against One
  8. Earth and Ashes
  9. Call Me Immortal
  10. Apex
  • Brittney Hayes
  • Grant Truesdell
  • Andrew Saunders
  • Niko Whitworth
  • Scott Buchanon
2017 Readers' Album #21

Explorers  EP
2019 Napalm
  1. Northwest Passage
  2. Heartless World
  • Brittney Hayes
  • Grant Truesdell
  • Andrew Saunders
  • Scott Buchanon

2020 Napalm
  1. Waking Dream
  2. Abyss
  3. Through Stars
  4. Legacy
  5. Return To Me
  6. Soulbound
  7. Faster Than Light
  8. The Wind That Shapes The Land
  9. Carry The Flame
  10. Afterlife
  • Brittney Hayes
  • Grant Truesdell
  • Andrew Saunders
  • Scott Buchanon

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