Origin: Tokyo, Japan  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: September 1, 2011


The Japanese metal scene has flourished for years, but still there are few bands that are noticed outside their homeland. King's-Evil was formed back in 1989 by high school brothers Wataru and Masamichi Yamada, and it would take 12 years for a stable lineup to materialize, resulting in their debut album Deletion Of Humanoise in 2001. A prime slice of fiery, speedy 80's-inspired thrash, Deletion is strongly influenced by bands such as Slayer and Kreator (the latter particularly in the vocal department), the album never letting up for a moment throughout its eight tracks. This is one of the better thrash bands to emerge in some time, and certainly rank with Volcano as the best Japanese thrash bands playing in recent times. They went dormant for some time after Humanoise's release but released a followup, *Sacrosanct, in 2011.

Current Members

Masamichi Yamada


Takachika Nakajima

bass/vocals (Defiled)

Yuichi Ishiguro

drums (ex-Defiled)

Former Members/Guests

Wataru Yamada

vocals/guitars (ex-Ritual Carnage)

Eiji Murakami



Deletion Of Humanoise  
2002 World Chaos
  1. Victim And Hate
  2. Detonation
  3. Web Of Lies
  4. Fanatical Devotion
  5. False Pride
  6. Punish With Death
  7. Core Dead
  8. Scream
  • Wataru Yamada
  • Masamichi Yamada
  • Takachika Nakajima
  • Eiji Murakami

2011 World Chaos
  1. Trace Of Insanity
  2. Stab In The Back
  3. Bind Torture Kill
  4. Retaliation For The Wretch
  5. Gaze Into The Brain
  6. Infected With The Blood
  7. Leviathan
  8. Impudence Of Brutality
  9. Hollow The Pledge (Bonus track)
  • Masamichi Yamada
  • Takachika Nakajima
  • Yuichi Ishiguro

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