Origin: Tokyo, Japan  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: November 13, 2005

Ritual Carnage

Ritual Carnage was a bi-national band of sorts, led by American Dan Montgomery with the rest of the lineup being Japanese. As the story goes, Montgomery was first stationed in Japan during an Air Force stint in the late 80's, and then returned to Japan in 1993 to learn tattooing and martial arts, and it was at that time that Ritual Carnage was born. Several lineups ensued before the bands scored a contract with Osmose Records in 1998, and four albums were recorded, the last being I, Infidel in late 2005. Ritual Carnage was rooted firmly in hardened old-school thrash, with some death metal influences that have lessened over time (the debut, The Highest Law, is almost a death/thrash mixture, with the followup, Every Nerve Alive, being thrash with only minor death stylings, and the third, The Birth Of Tragedy, being a straight thrash album). Montgomery's vocals have followed this trend, being more deathy on the earlier albums and more thrash-oriented on Tragedy. The Highest Law is somewhat simplistic song-wise, but the latter two albums are excellent examples of pure thrash done right.

Last Lineup

Dan Montgomery


Wataru Yamada

guitars (ex-King's-Evil)

Eddie Van Koide


Hiroyuki Ishizawa


Naoya Hamaii


Former Members/Guests

Shigeyuki Kamazawa


Hide Ideno



The Highest Law  
1998 Osmose
  1. Servant Of The Black
  2. The Unjust
  3. Succumb To The Beast
  4. The Highest Law
  5. Master
  6. Domain Of Death
  7. Chaos And Mayhem
  8. Damnator
  9. Metal Forces
  10. Attack
  11. Death Metal
  • Dan Montgomery
  • Shigeyuki Kamazawa
  • Eddie Van Koide
  • Hide Ideno
  • Naoya Hamaii

Every Nerve Alive  
2000 Osmose
  1. Awaiting The Kill
  2. 8th Great Hell
  3. Death, Judgment, Fate
  4. Burning Red, Burn Til' Death
  5. End Of An Ace
  6. World Wide War
  7. Scars Of Battle
  8. Every Nerve Alive
  9. The Wrath
  10. Escape From The Light
  • Dan Montgomery
  • Eddie Van Koide
  • Naoya Hamaii

The Birth Of Tragedy  
2002 Osmose
  1. Sixth Sense
  2. Birth Of Tragedy
  3. Burning Eyes Of Rage
  4. Paradox Of Democracy
  5. Fall Of The Empire
  6. Shroud Of Secrecy
  7. Sanity's Thin Line
  8. Grave New World
  9. From Dawn To Decadence
  10. Pycho-Sadistic Psychosis
  11. Infernal Death
  • Dan Montgomery
  • Wataru Yamada
  • Eddie Van Koide
  • Naoya Hamaii

I, Infidel  
2005 Osmose
  1. Imprisoned Secret
  2. The Perfect Strain
  3. I, Infidel
  4. Thirst For Blood
  5. These Chains
  6. Do Not Resuscitate
  7. Axiom
  8. Straight To the Nether Regions
  9. Room 101
  10. Twilight of the All Too Human
  11. Terror Ends Here
  12. I Am War
  • Dan Montgomery
  • Wataru Yamada
  • Eddie Van Koide
  • Hiroyuki Ishizawa
  • Naoya Hamaii

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