Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Left Hand Solution

Left Hand Solution was formed in 1991 and went the usual route of demos and lineup shifts before recording their debut mini-CD, Shadowdance in 1994, followed by two full-length albums in 1996 (Fevered) and 2001 (Light Shines Black). The basic style here is gothic/doom with female vocals. Fevered is more along the lines of classic doom, slow and ponderous but rich and well-structured. By contrast, their more recent Light Shines Black is more upbeat, emphasizing the goth side over the doom, with a more rock feel, very well done. Vocalist Mariana Holmberg's vocals are excellent -- not a soprano like many other female metal vocalists, instead hers is more midrange (as one example, they cover the Eurythmics "Missionary Man", and Mariana sounds a lot like Annie Lennox), soulful and passionate, a perfect compliment to the music. As late as 2007 they were active in some respect but are presumably no more.

Last Lineup

Mariana Frykman


Jocke Mårdstam


Peter Selin


Erik Barthold


Former Members/Guests

Kicki Höijertz

vocals (ex-Siebenburgen)

Janne Wiklund



1994 Massacre
  1. Shroud
  2. Infernal
  3. Solitary fallen angel
  4. Nightbloom
  5. Final withering
  6. Shadowdance
  • Kicki Höijertz
  • Jocke Mårdstam
  • Peter Selin
  • Erik Barthold

1996 Massacre
  1. Thorns
  2. Fevered
  3. The wounds of bitterness
  4. Illusion
  5. Angels with the last plagues
  6. Scorns of time
  7. The futile passion
  8. Memories (of the tragedienne)
  9. The bleeding
  10. Scarred
  • Mariana Frykman
  • Jocke Mårdstam
  • Peter Selin
  • Erik Barthold

Light Shines Black  
2001 Massacre
  1. Light Shines Black
  2. Soiled Souls
  3. Missionary man
  4. Lucid Dream Desire
  5. The Crooked Smile
  6. Raven Wings
  7. Vision
  8. Persistence of Memory
  9. Heart Laid Bare
  10. Orient Nights
  11. A Road to Nowhere
  • Mariana Frykman
  • Janne Wiklund
  • Peter Selin
  • Erik Barthold

Through The Mourning Woods  
  1. Blessed Be My Fallen Angel
  2. And Time Went By
  3. Return the Sun
  4. The Bleeding Heart
  5. Stillborn
  6. Fields on Fire
  • Mariana Frykman
  • Jocke Mårdstam
  • Peter Selin
  • Erik Barthold

Dead Of Winter  EP
2021 independent
  1. First Day of Winter
  2. The Sleeping Dead
  3. Jolene (Dolly Parton cover)
  4. For the Hallowed Blood
  5. Flame of Desire
  6. When the Reason Is Gone
  • Mariana Frykman
  • Jocke Mårdstam
  • Peter Selin
  • Erik Barthold

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