Origin: Netherlands  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: October 13, 2004

Lost In Misery

Lost In Misery was a somewhat obscure Dutch band featuring a female singer. For some reason, multiple reviewers noted these two facts about the band and have compared them to The Gathering, which really isn't appropriate -- while Esther Van Dongen's voice may be vaguely similar to Anneke's, the music really isn't similar at all. Rather, Carousel Of Memories is rooted in 80's power metal, with slight nods toward doom. A slightly somber tone permeates throughout the album, but the tempos are usually upbeat enough to not make this a real doom album at all. The band was never heard from after the album's release.

Last Lineup

Esther Van Dongen


Eddy Persijn


Gerben Slegers


Sacha Micheels


Rob Vinken



Carousel Of Memories  
1997 Hammerheart
  1. After The Change
  2. Panic
  3. Do I Belong
  4. Carousel Of Memories
  5. Choosing Circles
  6. Life Goes On
  7. Gloom Odyssey Wither - Thee - Not
  • Esther Van Dongen
  • Eddy Persijn
  • Gerben Slegers
  • Sacha Micheels
  • Rob Vinken

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