Origin: Czechia  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
Last update/review: September 22, 2003

Love History

Love History slots nicely next to fellow Czechs Forgotten Silence in the field of eclectic metal bands. Anasazi, the band's 2000 effort, strings together several different styles, featuring three distinct vocals styles (female soprano, a male operatic baritone, and harsh death growls) often fused together, along with well-placed keyboards, flamenco guitars, pianos, quiet interludes, and yet plenty of traditional metal riffing as well. Readers might think that this sort of hodge-podge of styles would make for a BNR favorite, and they would be right. Each successive listen to this band reveals new depths and sounds to explore. Also interesting is that their previous album, the ambitiously titled Gallileo, Figaro, Magnifico, is also a broad, diverse work, but yet sounds very little like Anasazi, drawing more from folk and gothic influences. Very much a band worth seeking out. Unfortunately they were reported as disbanding a year or so ago.

Last Lineup

Marek Dihel


Richard Chrobok


Pavel Herich


Tom Cieply


Hanka Vankova

keyboards (ex-Forgotten Silence)

Radim Chrobok

drums (ex-Forgotten Silence)

Former Members/Guests



Martin "Bilos" Bilek


Martin Dej


Roman Restel

bass (ex-Endless)

Eva Hurnikova (guest)


Radek Zurech



(MCD) Desires  
1995 N. Darkness
  1. From Bohemians's Woods And Fields
  2. Labyrinth Of Love
  3. Desires
  4. In Passion
  5. Through The Shady History
  • Robert
  • Richard Chrobok
  • Martin "Bilos" Bilek
  • Martin Dej
  • Roman Restel
  • Eva Hurnikova
  • Radim Chrobok

Gallileo, Figaro - Magnifico  
1999 N. Darkness
  1. Galileo, Figaro - Magnifico..…
  2. Desires - Part II
  3. The Gleam Of Midnight Sky
  4. Alone
  5. Smell Of Tears
  6. Secrets Of Dreams And Moon - Dedicated To Eva
  7. Night's Escape
  8. Morning's Rain
  9. Enigmatic Love
  10. Epilogue
  • Richard Chrobok
  • Radek Zurech
  • Radim Chrobok

2000 The End
  1. Lost
  2. Angealism
  3. Korbel
  4. Masterless
  5. Sown
  6. Spiritual
  7. The Mass
  8. Phantomous
  9. Voices
  • Marek Dihel
  • Richard Chrobok
  • Martin "Bilos" Bilek
  • Pavel Herich
  • Tom Cieply
  • Hanka Vankova
  • Radim Chrobok

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