Origin: Cracow, Poland  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: August 19, 2017
Last update/review: August 19, 2017


Mgla (Polish for "fog") was founded in 2000 and after a few EPs, began releasing full-length albums in 2008, by which time the present duo had solidified itself. Reviewed here is 2015's Exercises In Futility, the band's third album. Black metal has branched into several directions over the years, but that's not Mgla's forte -- they have more in common with the earlier, frosty Norse style (akin to, perhaps, Immortal at their prime) than the modern offshoots. That might imply a stale rehash, but Futility is anything but -- it's simply classic black metal done right, with just the right amount of ferocity and variance of pace to keep things right, with the added bonus of a proper production rather than the deliberately lo-fi recordings of the past. While Behemoth may still reign as Poland's most well-known black metal bands, Mgla is certainly giving them a run for their money.

Current Members

M. (Mikolaj Zentara)

vocals/guitars/bass (Kriegsmaschine)

Darkside (Maciej Kowalski)

drums (Crionics, Kriegsmaschine)

Former Members/Guests

Dariusz Piper

drums (ex-Kriegsmaschine)


Presence  EP
2006 N. Heritage
  1. Presence I
  2. Presence II
  3. Presence III
  • M.
  • Dariusz Piper

Mdlosci  EP
  1. Mdlosci I
  2. Mdlosci II
  • M.
  • Darkside

Further Down The Nest  EP
  1. Further Down the Nest I
  2. Further Down the Nest II
  • M.
  • Darkside

Mdlosci + Further Down The Nest  COMPILATION
2007 N. Heritage
  1. Mdlosci I
  2. Mdlosci II
  3. Further Down the Nest I
  4. Further Down the Nest II

2008 N. Heritage
  1. Groza I
  2. Groza II
  3. Groza III
  4. Groza IV
  • M.
  • Darkside

With Hearts Toward None  
2012 N. Heritage
  1. With Hearts Toward None I
  2. With Hearts Toward None II
  3. With Hearts Toward None III
  4. With Hearts Toward None IV
  5. With Hearts Toward None V
  6. With Hearts Toward None VI
  7. With Hearts Toward None VII
  • M.
  • Darkside

Presence / Power And Will  COMPILATION
2013 N. Heritage
  1. Presence I
  2. Presence II
  3. Presence III
  4. Power and Will I
  5. Power and Will II
  6. Power and Will III
  7. Power and Will IV

Exercises In Futility  
2015 N. Heritage
  1. Exercises in Futility I
  2. Exercises in Futility II
  3. Exercises in Futility III
  4. Exercises in Futility IV
  5. Exercises in Futility V
  6. Exercises in Futility VI
  • M.
  • Darkside

Age Of Excuse  
2019 N. Heritage
  1. Age of Excuse I
  2. Age of Excuse II
  3. Age of Excuse III
  4. Age of Excuse IV
  5. Age of Excuse V
  6. Age of Excuse VI
  • M.
  • Darkside

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