Origin: New York, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: May 13, 2006

Morpheus Descends

Morpheus Descends (initially known as just Morpheus) was one of the early New York death metal bands, and as such is still referenced as an influence by later bands to the scene. Ultimately they were a step behind the mainstays of the scene (such as Suffocation, Immolation, Incantation, and others) in terms of popularity and longevity, but they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath, as they had the grindy, twisted, old-school death metal style nailed on their debut Ritual Of Infinity, one of the better signings of the cult indie death label JL America. The members have scattered to various bands such as Deadspeak, Mausoleum, and others.

Last Lineup

Tom Stevens


Rob Yench

guitars (ex-Incantation)

Andy Newton

bass (ex-Fog, ex-Typhus, ex-Typhus)

Sam Inzerra

drums (ex-Generation Kill)

Former Members/Guests

Jeff Reimer


Bryan Johnston


Steve Hanson


Ken Faggio



Ritual Of Infinity  
1992 JL America
  1. The Way Of All Flesh
  2. Corpse Under Glass
  3. Immortal Coil
  4. Trephanation
  5. Proclaimed Creator
  6. Accelerated Decreptitude
  7. Submerged In Adicopere
  8. Enthralled To Serve
  9. Ritual Of Infinity
  • Jeff Reimer
  • Rob Yench
  • Ken Faggio
  • Sam Inzerra

Chronicles Of The Shadowed Ones  EP
1994 self-released
  1. The Cruciform Hills
  2. Cairn Of Dumitru
  3. Autumn Bleed
  4. Signs Of Gehenna
  5. Moupho Alde Ferenc Yaborov (In The Land Of The Vampire Ferenczy)
  • Jeff Reimer
  • Bryan Johnston
  • Rob Yench
  • Andy Newton
  • Sam Inzerra

The Horror Of The Truth  EP
1997 Angel Dust
  1. Begging For Possession
  2. Valley Of Undead War
  3. The Horror Of The Truth
  • Tom Stevens
  • Rob Yench
  • Andy Newton
  • Sam Inzerra

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