Origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: March 6, 2024

Morta Skuld

Long a mainstay of the US death metal underground, Morta Skuld enjoyed a fine run in the mid-nineties. They released three albums on the respected Peaceville Records label in England, but the failure to get a US release for any of those three frustrated the band, and so they turned to Pavement Records for their 1997 effort, Surface. They broke up a year later, and some time after that two of the guys came back together, but with a switch in style more akin to Static-X or Skinlab. They originally went by the name MS2, and then 9MM Solution, and under that name a 2004 EP was released. But that band ran its course as well, and the same pair put Morta Skuld back together in 2012, though now only Dave Gregor remains from the old days.

Recent album: Creation Undone, released on February 23, 2024.

Current Members

Dave Gregor


Scott Willecke


John Hill


Eric House

drums (ex-Jungle Rot)

Former Members/Guests

Jason O'Connell


Tim Beyer

guitars (Dusk)

Jason Hellman


A.J. Lewandowski


Kent Truckenbrod



Dying Remains  
1993 Peaceville
  1. Lifeless
  2. Without Sin
  3. Devoured Fears
  4. Dying Remains
  5. Useless To Mankind
  6. Rotting Ways
  7. Withering Seclusion
  8. Hatred Creation
  9. Consuming Existence
  10. Presumed Dead
  • Dave Gregor
  • Jason O'Connell
  • Jason Hellman
  • Kent Truckenbrod

As Humanity Fades  
1994 Peaceville
  1. Unknown Emotions
  2. A Century Of Ruins
  3. Humanity's Lost
  4. Awakening Destiny
  5. Paradise Of The Masses
  6. No World Escapes
  7. Different Breeds
  8. Sanctuary Denied
  9. Relics
  10. The Sorrow Fields
  11. Through Obscurity
  12. In The Shadows
  • Dave Gregor
  • Jason O'Connell
  • Jason Hellman
  • Kent Truckenbrod

For All Eternity  
1995 Peaceville
  1. Bitter Remembrance
  2. Justify
  3. Second Thought
  4. Crawl Inside
  5. For All Eternity
  6. Tears Of A Fallen Race
  7. The Bleeding Heart
  8. Burning Daylight
  9. The Vicious Circle
  • Dave Gregor
  • Jason O'Connell
  • Jason Hellman
  • Kent Truckenbrod

1998 Pavement
  1. The Killing Machines
  2. Save Yourself
  3. The Anger In Disguise
  4. Time Will Never Forget
  5. Surface
  6. Lords Of Discipline
  7. If I Survive
  8. In Nothing We Trust
  • Dave Gregor
  • Jason O'Connell
  • Jason Hellman
  • Kent Truckenbrod

Re-Surface: The Best Of Morta Skuld  COMPILATION
2005 Peaceville

Through The Eyes Of Death: The Early Demos  COMPILATION
2011 Relapse

Becoming One Flesh - The Demos  COMPILATION

Wounds Deeper Than Time  
2017 Peaceville
  1. Breathe in the Black
  2. Hating Life
  3. My Weakness
  4. Against the Origin
  5. In Judgment
  6. Wounds Deeper than Time
  7. Scars Within
  8. Devour the Chaos
  9. Becoming One Flesh
  • Dave Gregor
  • Scott Willecke
  • A.J. Lewandowski
  • Eric House

Suffer For Nothing  
2020 Peaceville
  • Dave Gregor
  • Tim Beyer
  • Scott Willecke
  • John Hill
  • Eric House

Nascency Of The Prolific  COMPILATION
2023 Sewer Rot
  1. Intro
  2. Sacrificial Rite
  3. Gory Departure
  4. Preacher of Lies
  5. Senseless Killing
  6. Through the Eyes of Death
  7. Feast from Within
  8. Prolong the Agony
  9. Of Evil

Creation Undone  
2024 Peaceville
  1. We Rise We Fall
  2. The End of Reason
  3. Painful Conflict
  4. Unforeseen Obstacles
  5. Perfect Prey
  6. Soul Piercing Sorrow
  7. Into Temptation
  8. Self Destructive Emotions
  9. Oblivion
  10. By Design
  • Dave Gregor
  • Scott Willecke
  • John Hill
  • Eric House

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