Origin: Vejle, Denmark  
Genres: 80's Metal
Page online: June 2, 2013
Last update/review: June 2, 2013

Nigro Mantia

From day one, the rule for bands on this site is that the band must have released at least one official album or EP to be considered for a band page. Nigro Mantia is the exception to the rule, an obscure Danish 80's band who recorded a short-ish 3-song demo and apparently split up a couple of years later. Their style was undeniably early 80's and European, dark and riff-heavy with some similarities to bands such as Mercyful Fate (except vocally, as the singing here, what little there was, was almost an afterthought). The piece de resistance is the closing, 12-minute epic that is aptly titled "Monolith Of Infinity", the band should have won an award for that song alone. They were virtually unheard of at the time, apart from the tape traders who spread the word as best they could.

Last Lineup

Brian N. Jensen


Michael Schweigler


Søren Mørk


Henrik Nielsen


Jes Egeskov



Poetry Of Subculture  DEMO RE-RELEASE
  1. Bells Ringing For The Fatal Hour
  2. Death Romance (Phase One)
  3. Monolith Of Infinity
  • Brian N. Jensen
  • Michael Schweigler
  • Søren Mørk
  • Henrik Nielsen
  • Jes Egeskov

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