Origin: Carlsbad, California, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: June 17, 2009
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There are several bands out there named Nihilist, one of which was the band that eventually morphed into Entombed. This Nihilist hails from the San Diego area and, as evidenced on 2006's Call Down The Thunder, play a form of thrash-laced speed metal, the kind of stuff that was coming out in the mid-eighties before thrash really took over. This is really more speed metal than true thrash, with a bit of an early Anthrax vibe here and there, enjoyable and well-done particularly given that all of their work is self-financed.

Current Members

Loren Tipton


Matt Smith

guitars (ex-Monarch)

Sean Elg

drums (Cage, KK's Priest, ex-The Three Tremors)

Former Members/Guests

Scot Lieziert


Joe Walker


Jared Barrow



Guilty Of Kicking Ass  EP
2001 self-released
  1. Guilty of Kicking Ass
  2. Chaos Season
  3. Sweet Revenge
  4. The Ballad
  5. The Cleansing

Kill Or Be Killed  
2002 self-released
  1. Presence Of Evil
  2. The Cleansing
  3. Sweet Revenge
  4. Kill Or Be Killed
  5. A Time To Die
  6. Now I Finally See
  8. Slipping Into Unconsciousness
  9. Guily Of Kicking Ass
  • Scot Lieziert
  • Joe Walker
  • Jared Barrow
  • Sean Elg

Call Down The Thunder  
2006 self-released
  1. Call Down The Thunder
  2. Destroyer
  3. American Plague
  4. The Assault
  5. Hungry For Blood
  6. Devastator
  7. Nihilist Kills
  8. Freewheel Burning
  9. Hessian Mercenary
  10. Vengeance is Mine
  • Loren Tipton
  • Joe Walker
  • Sean Elg

Blood Portraits  
2009 self-released
  1. Metal and Mayhem
  2. It's on...
  3. Bastards of Beers
  4. Hells Son
  5. House of the Dead
  6. Ditch the Bitch
  7. Americas Bleeding
  8. Hesh Plow
  9. Payment Upon Death
  10. Blood Portraits
  • Loren Tipton
  • Matt Smith
  • Sean Elg

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