Origin: Tampa, Florida, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: July 25, 2009
Last update/review: April 28, 2010

Order Of Ennead

Order Of Ennead is somewhat of a continuation of Council Of The Fallen, as core members Kevin Quirion and Scott Patrick formed this band following COTF's demise. But while Council stuck more to the tried-and-true Tampa brutal death metal style, Order Of Ennead is decidedly more black in nature, borrowing from the Norwegian style but still incorporating death metal tendencies as well. The vocals are solidly hateful blackened rasps, and the impressive blastbeats of Deicide's Steve Asheim deserve a mention as well. This is solid, intense, extreme death/black metal, pummelling without being overly technical, and expertly produced -- an impressive debut.

Current Members

Kevin Quirion

vocals/guitars (ex-Council Of The Fallen, Deicide)

John Li


Scott Patrick

bass (ex-Council Of The Fallen, ex-Resurrection)

Steve Asheim

drums (Deicide)


Order Of Ennead  
2008 Earache
  1. Seeking the Prophets
  2. Reflection, An Endless Endeavour
  3. As Long As I Have Myself I Am Not Alone
  4. The Culling
  5. Introspection And The Loss Of Denial
  6. Conferring With Demons
  7. As If A Rose I Wither
  8. Interlude With Reason
  9. A Cry To The Perilous Sun
  10. Prelude To Ruin
  11. Dismantling An Empire
  • Kevin Quirion
  • John Li
  • Scott Patrick
  • Steve Asheim

An Examination Of Being  
2010 Earache
  1. The Concept of Our Extinction
  2. The Scriptures of Purification
  3. Lies Upon the Lips of Judas
  4. This Mortal Journey
  5. ...In the Mirror
  6. An Examination of Being
  7. Conduits to Eternity
  8. A Portal to Rapture
  9. A Betrayal of Self
  • Kevin Quirion
  • John Li
  • Scott Patrick
  • Steve Asheim

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