Origin: Athens, Greece  
Genres: Black Metal, Thrash Metal
Page online: April 21, 2018
Last update/review: October 14, 2021

Principality Of Hell

This Greek trio (all of whom were also members of Thou Art Lord at the time) had a simple goal in mind: bash out simple but surprisingly effective blackened thrash in the vein of classic bands such as Venom, Hellhammer, and Celtic Frost, albeit updated with more modern production values and enough juice to avoid coming across as retreads. There isn't a ton of originality or variation here, but the band was tight and clearly knew what they were doing.

Last Lineup

The Magus (George Zaharopoulos)

bass/vocals (Necromantia, ex-Rotting Christ, ex-Septicflesh, Thou Art Lord, Yoth Iria)

Vasilis Zobolas

guitars (Thou Art Lord)

Giannis Votsis

drums (Necromantia, Thou Art Lord, guest for Yoth Iria)


Fire & Brimstone  
  1. Fire & Brimstone
  2. Codex Inferno
  3. The Bleeding Nun
  4. We Ride at Night
  5. Leviathan
  6. The Witches' Coven
  7. Hellfire Legions
  8. The 9th Seal
  9. The Hand of the Hangman
  10. Strike of the Beast (Exodus cover)
  • The Magus
  • Vasilis Zobolas
  • Giannis Votsis

Sulfur & Bane  
  1. A Prayer
  2. Blood Moon Rising
  3. Sons of the Desert
  4. The Invisible Empire
  5. Sulfur & Bane
  6. The Diabolist
  7. In the Shadows of Sodom
  8. The Black Ram
  9. Den of the Serpent
  10. The Marble Witch
  11. Blasphemer (Sodom cover)
  12. Dawn of Megiddo (Celtic Frost cover)
  13. Black Magic (Slayer cover)
  14. Evil Invaders (Razor cover)
  15. In League with Satan (Venom cover)
  16. Sacrifice (Bathory cover)
  • The Magus
  • Vasilis Zobolas
  • Giannis Votsis

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