Origin: Greece  
Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal
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Page online: July 24, 2004
Last update/review: July 22, 2006

Thou Art Lord

Thou Art Lord was formed in the early nineties, with the leaders of two of Greece's better-known metal acts (Sakis of Rotting Christ and Magus of Necromantia) decided to put together a side project to explore extreme metal. Two albums were released in 1994 and 1995, but though both were well-received, the duo felt they could not continue working both in TAL and their respective main bands, and so the project was put on hold. Seven years later, the duo decided to start anew, and recruited another leader from another well-known Greek band (Seth, from Septicflesh), and the band's third album, DV8, was soon released. Though some traces of the aforementioned bands can be heard here (late-period Septic Flesh, on occasion), DV8 is a far more furious and intense affair, drawing from black and death metal influences to great effect. A worthwhile extreme metal album.

Current Members

Gothmog (John Hiotellis)


Magus Daoloth (George Zaharopoulos)

keyboards/bass/vocals (Necromantia, ex-Principality Of Hell, ex-Rotting Christ, ex-Septicflesh, Yoth Iria)

Sakis Tolis

guitars (Rotting Christ)

Vasilis Zobolas

guitars (ex-Principality Of Hell)

J. Maelstrom (Giannis Votsis)

drums (Necromantia, ex-Principality Of Hell, guest for Yoth Iria)

Former Members/Guests



Seth (Sotiris Voeynas)

vocals (Septicflesh)

Akis Kapranos

drums (ex-Septicflesh)

Themis Tolis

drums (Rotting Christ)


1994 Unisound
  1. For The Lust Of Lilith
  2. Disciples Of Black Sorcery
  3. Eosforos Rex Infernus
  4. Towers Of Autumn Moon
  5. A Call To Chaos (Kaos-Keraunos-Kybernetos)
  6. Through The Eye Of The Hierophant
  7. Warhammer
  8. The Era Of Satan Rising
  • Gothmog
  • Magus Daoloth
  • Sakis Tolis

1995 Unisound
  1. Prelude To Apocalypse
  2. Experimental Magic
  3. Moonscar
  4. Wardance Of The Empress
  5. Societas Satanas
  6. In Blood We Trust
  • Gothmog
  • Magus Daoloth
  • Sakis Tolis

2002 Black Lotus
  1. A Chaldean Hex
  2. Baphomet's Meteor
  3. Crowning The Winged Skull (Enthroning The Dragon)
  4. Society Of The Dilettanti
  5. Desire, Lust And Incubus
  6. Eyes Wide Shut And Lips Wide Open (The Dionysian Connection)
  7. The Shadow Doctrine
  8. Behind The Druid Walls
  9. Those We Guide
  • Seth
  • Magus Daoloth
  • Sakis Tolis
  • Akis Kapranos

Orgia Deamonicum  
2005 Black Lotus
  1. Possesed / The Legion
  2. Hecate Unveiled
  3. An Apparition Of Vengeance
  4. He, the great worm
  5. The Gnostic Code
  6. The Royal Invocation Of Apophis
  7. Orgia Deamonicum
  8. Necromantic
  9. Satanic Aphorisms
  10. Onslaught (Power from Hell)
  • Magus Daoloth
  • Sakis Tolis
  • Themis Tolis

The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer  
2013 Nuclear War
  1. Nine Steps to Hell
  2. ????te?a da?ยต????
  3. Das Messer
  4. The Regal Pulse of Lucifer
  5. Justicia Profana
  6. L'Evangelium de Diable
  7. Infernarium
  8. Artificial Malevolence
  9. Fire and Blood
  • Gothmog
  • Magus Daoloth
  • Sakis Tolis
  • Vasilis Zobolas
  • J. Maelstrom

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