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The Postman Syndrome

The Postman Syndrome was formed in 1996 and have produced a striking album in Terraforming, released in 2002. In describing their sound, others have tossed about names such as System Of A Down, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Tool, Candiria, and many more -- while there are shades of each of these in the Postman sound, it's a testament to their diversity that it's really hard to nail down what this band is all about. They don't really fit in any one genre (if pressed, one might say metalcore or alterna-metal, as the vocals (provided by four different members) frequently slot into one of those two groups), and their broad, varied songwriting stands them apart from many of their contemporaries. There are elements of metalcore, jazz, ambient, hardcore, and straight metal to be found, all interwoven to forge a very diverse style. Terraforming is not an immediate listen, and the somewhat fractured songwriting could be tightened up a bit, but this is an impressively crafted debut album.

After a couple of lineup changes, the band decided to change name to (or break up and reform as, depending on your point of view) Day Without Dawn.

Last Lineup

Matt Lupo


Chris Alfano


Jim Stang


Brett Bamberger

bass/vocals (Revocation)

Mike Somers



2002 Now Or Never
  1. Amputees Make Bad Swimmers
  2. Hedgehog's Dilemma
  3. Schizorabbit And The Face Parade
  4. Rotating Crib Toy
  5. Unfamiliar Ceiling
  6. Lonely In Your Arms
  7. Interpretive Decorating
  8. Volume Fact
  • Matt Lupo
  • Chris Alfano
  • Jim Stang
  • Brett Bamberger
  • Mike Somers

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