Origin: Monza, Italy  
Genres: Power Metal
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Last update/review: March 8, 2015

Power Symphony

The Italian band Power Symphony was formed in 1994 by the duo of vocalist Michela D'Orlando and guitarist Marco Cecconi. Lightbringer, the band's second album, is in the progressive/power metal laced with classical overtones, not really sounding like any one band, though old Warlord sometimes comes to mind. The occasional Celtic influence is a nice touch, giving the band a bit more depth. D'Orlando puts in a fine vocal performance, with a clear yet not overpowering voice, though not the soprano opera style of some of her contemporaries. It does not appear that they are still around.

Last Lineup

Michela D'Orlando


Marco Cecconi


Daniele Viola


Former Members/Guests

Fabio Iannone


Marco Volpe


Lino Sistu



1999 Northwind
  1. Battles In The Twilight
  2. Shores Of My Land
  3. Evillot
  4. The Curse Of Every Man
  5. Inferno Suite
  6. I Am The Bard
  • Michela D'Orlando
  • Marco Cecconi
  • Daniele Viola

2000 Pavement
  1. The Way Of The Sword
  2. Lucifer
  3. Gethsemane
  4. Never Dream Of Goodness (Evillot Pt. II)
  5. Song Of Men
  6. Quest For Knowledge
  7. The Necromancer
  • Michela D'Orlando
  • Marco Cecconi
  • Fabio Iannone
  • Marco Volpe
  • Lino Sistu

Futurepast  EP
2002 Evillot
  1. Nine Moons
  2. Infinite Machine
  3. Blood of My Enemies
  4. Army of Saints
  5. Mother Moon

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