Origin: Kristianstad, Sweden  
Genres: Traditional Metal
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Last update/review: September 24, 2021


Given how dominant Mercyful Fate was in the 80's (and how most every other 80's band has hordes of imitators), it's a bit surprising there aren't more bands that take their cue from King Diamond's clan. Enter Sweden's Portrait, formed in 2004 and with a string of albums to their credit over the last decade and a half. The style, particularly on the earlier efforts such as 2011's Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae, is undeniably Fate-focused -- the vocals alone would be enough to bring out such comparisons, as Per Lengstedt does a more than passable King imitation and in particular isn't afraid to soar into the higher-pitch realms that King did so well back in the day. The guitars, too, have that distinctive Denner/Shermann tone, and while the riffs stop short of plagiarism, that can't be coincidental. Sure, things are a bit more modern overall, this isn't total retro worship, but there's no denying where Portrait's primary influence comes from. Predictably, as the band has matured, the Fate comparisons are starting to fade (though Lengstedt still pulls off those falsettos), and Portrait is now pursuing a more traditional metal style.

Recent album: The Host, released on June 21, 2024.

Current Members

Per Lengstedt


Christian Lindell


Karl Gustafsson


Fredrik Petersson


Anders Persson

drums (Katana)

Former Members/Guests

Phillip Svennefelt


Richard Lagergren


David Olofsson

guitars (ex-Hands Of Orlac)

Set Teitan (guest)

guitars (ex-Dissection)

Robin Holmberg

guitars (Vampire)

David Stranderud


Joel Pälvärinne

bass (Vampire)

Mikael Castervall


Kevin Bower (guest)

keyboards (Hell)


2008 Iron Kodex
  1. Hell
  2. A Ghastly Silence
  3. Village of the Fallen Angel
  4. Consecration
  5. A Thousand Nightmares
  6. Bow Unto the Devil
  7. Beware the Demons
  8. The Adversary
  • Phillip Svennefelt
  • Christian Lindell
  • Richard Lagergren
  • David Stranderud
  • Anders Persson

Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae  
2011 Metal Blade
  1. Beast of Fire
  2. Infinite Descension
  3. The Wilderness Beyond
  4. Bloodbath
  5. Darkness Forever
  6. The Nightcomers
  7. The Passion
  8. Der Todesking
  • Per Lengstedt
  • Christian Lindell
  • Richard Lagergren
  • Joel Pälvärinne
  • Anders Persson

We Were Not Alone  EP
2014 Metal Blade
  1. In Time
  2. We Were Not Alone
  3. Mother Sun (Judas Priest cover)
  • Per Lengstedt
  • Christian Lindell
  • David Olofsson
  • Mikael Castervall
  • Anders Persson

2014 Metal Blade
  1. Liberation
  2. At the Ghost Gate
  3. We Were Not Alone
  4. In Time
  5. Black Easter
  6. Ageless Rites
  7. Our Roads Must Never Cross
  8. Lily
  • Per Lengstedt
  • Christian Lindell
  • David Olofsson
  • Mikael Castervall
  • Anders Persson

Burn The World  
2017 Metal Blade
  1. Saturn Return (intro)
  2. Burn The World
  3. Likfassna
  4. Flaming Blood
  5. Mine To Reap
  6. Martyrs
  7. Further She Rode
  8. The Sower's Cross (CD bonus track)
  9. To Die For
  10. Pure Of Heart
  • Per Lengstedt
  • Christian Lindell
  • Set Teitan
  • Kevin Bower
  • Anders Persson

At One With None  
2021 Metal Blade
  1. At One with None
  2. Curtains (The Dumb Supper)
  3. Phantom Fathomer
  4. He Who Stands
  5. Ashen
  6. A Murder of Crows
  7. Shadowless
  8. The Gallow's Crossing
  9. The Blood Is the Life
  10. Farewell to the Flesh
  • Per Lengstedt
  • Christian Lindell
  • Robin Holmberg
  • Fredrik Petersson
  • Anders Persson

The Host  
2024 Metal Blade
  1. Hoc Est Corpus Meum (Intro)
  2. The Blood Covenant
  3. The Sacrament
  4. Oneiric Visions
  5. One Last Kiss
  6. Treachery
  7. Sound the Horn
  8. Dweller of the Threshold
  9. Die in My Heart
  10. Voice of the Outsider
  11. From the Urn
  12. The Men of Renown
  13. Sword of Reason (The Steel of Revenge)
  14. The Passions of Sophia
  • Per Lengstedt
  • Christian Lindell
  • Karl Gustafsson
  • Fredrik Petersson
  • Anders Persson

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