Origin: Dallas, Texas, USA  
Genres: Industrial
Last update/review: May 29, 2003


Puncture was formed in 1992 by then-Gammacide guitarist Rick Perry, stemming from his desire to pursue something in a more techno/industrial direction, with early live lineups featuring (among others) Solitude Aeturnus guitarist John Perez. They embodied the term "industrial metal" as well as any band in the field, as their music has all the trademarks of said genre -- programmed drums, heavy guitar riffing, heavily distorted/treated vocals, and various sampling effects. On the plus side, the songs are executed well, as they display just the right amount of aggression without being dreary or heavy-handed. On the minus side, songs tend to get samey, and they never really stray far from the basic premise. This band might have developed into something special given a bit more time, but they broke up in late 1999.

Last Lineup

Rick Perry

vocals/guitars/programming (ex-Gammacide)

Per Nilsson


Mike T.


Jim Melancon



1994 Century Media
  1. Miscalculation
  2. Nailed to a Cross
  3. Youth Gone Mild
  4. Gag Rule
  5. Processor
  6. Mission
  7. Graft
  8. American Dream
  9. Breeding Contempt
  10. Abort
  • Rick Perry
  • Per Nilsson

1996 MIA
  1. Suck City
  2. Complete and Total
  3. Constrict Command
  4. Immune
  5. Six Six Nine
  6. Kill-O-Gram
  7. Negative Zone
  8. Bottom Feeder
  9. Dutch Fist
  10. A New Hole
  11. Pipe Fitter
  12. LD/50
  13. Immune
  14. Bonus Beats
  • Rick Perry
  • Per Nilsson
  • Mike T.
  • Jim Melancon

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