Origin: Palm Springs, California, USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock, Alternative Metal
Page online: January 17, 1999
Last update/review: July 3, 2023

Queens Of The Stone Age

The interestingly-named Queens Of The Stone Age have been steadily gaining in popularity ever since their inception a couple of years after the breakup of Kyuss, the band continues to be hailed as one of the most influential bands ever in the field of stoner rock/metal. Member-wise, the Queens have always been a rather loose collective surrounding guitarist Josh Homme (another former Kyuss man, bassist Nick Oliveri, was also a core member for some time, but was asked to leave the band), with players such as Foo Fighters drummer Dave Grohl and Screaming Trees mainman Mark Lanegan making appearances in the past. They're really off in their own world, with their intriguing brand of quirky, catchy, alternative metal (and yes, the occasional Kyuss riff too) proving quite infectious (witness the popularity of "The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret" from the Rated R release). Though really only marginally metallic these days, they remain an interesting band that still claims a loyal following among more traditionally metal-minded fans.

Current Members

Josh Homme

guitars/vocals (ex-Kyuss, ex-Masters Of Reality, Them Crooked Vultures)

Troy Van Leeuwan


Dean Fertita


Michael Shuman

bass/backing vocals

Jon Theodore


Former Members/Guests

Mark Lanegan


Dave Catchings


Nick Oliveri

bass (ex-Kyuss, ex-Masters Of Reality, Stöner, Vista Chino)

Alain Johannes


Alfredo Hernandez

drums (ex-Kyuss)

Gene Trautmann


Nick Lucero


David Grohl

drums (guest for Killing Joke, ex-Nirvana, ex-Probot, Them Crooked Vultures)

Joey Castillo

drums (Danzig)


Queens Of The Stone Age  
1998 Loosegroove
  1. Regular John
  2. Avon
  3. If Only
  4. Walkin' On The Sidewalks
  5. You Would Know
  6. How To Handle A Rope
  7. Mexicola
  8. Hispanic Impressions
  9. You Can't Quit Me Baby
  10. Give The Mule What He Wants
  11. I Was A Teenage Hand Model
  • Josh Homme
  • Nick Oliveri
  • Alfredo Hernandez

2000 Interscope
  1. Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
  2. The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
  3. Leg Of Lamb
  4. Auto Pilot
  5. Better Living Through Chemistry
  6. Monsters In The Parasol
  7. Quick And To The Pointless
  8. In The Fade
  9. Tension Head
  10. Lightning Song
  11. I Think I Lost My Headache
  • Josh Homme
  • Dave Catchings
  • Nick Oliveri
  • Gene Trautmann
  • Nick Lucero

Songs For The Deaf  
2002 Interscope
  1. The Real Song For The Deaf
  2. You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Million
  3. No One Knows
  4. First It Giveth
  5. Song For The Dead
  6. The Sky Is Falling
  7. Six Shooter
  8. Hanging Tree
  9. Go With The Flow
  10. Gonna Leave You
  11. Do It Again
  12. God Is On The Radio
  13. Another Love Song
  14. Song For The Deaf
  • Mark Lanegan
  • Josh Homme
  • Nick Oliveri
  • David Grohl
2002 Readers' Album #29

Lullabies To Paralyze  
2005 Interscope
  1. Little Sister
  2. The Lullaby
  3. Medication
  4. Everybody Knows That You're Insane
  5. Tangled Up In Plaid
  6. Burn The Witch
  7. In My Head
  8. I Never Came
  9. Someones In The Wolf
  10. The Blood Is Love
  11. Skin On Skin
  12. Broken Box
  13. You Got A Killer Scene There, Man...
  14. Long Slow Goodbye
  • Josh Homme
  • Troy Van Leeuwan
  • Alain Johannes
  • Joey Castillo
2005 Readers' Album #65

Era Vulgaris  
2007 Interscope
  1. Turning on the Screw
  2. Sick, Sick, Sick
  3. I'm Designer
  4. Into the Hollow
  5. Misfit Love
  6. Battery Acid
  7. Make It Wit Chu
  8. 3's & 7's
  9. Suture Up Your Future
  10. River in the Road
  11. Run Pig Run
  12. Running Joke
  13. Era Vulgaris
  • Josh Homme
  • Troy Van Leeuwan
  • Michael Shuman
  • Joey Castillo
2007 Readers' Album #96

... Like Clockwork  
2013 Matador
  1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
  2. I Sat By The Ocean
  3. The Vampyre Of Time And Memory
  4. If I Had A Tail
  5. My God Is The Sun
  6. Kalopsia
  7. Fairweather Friends
  8. Smooth Sailing
  9. I Appear Missing
  10. Like Clockwork
  • Josh Homme
  • Troy Van Leeuwan
  • Dean Fertita
  • Michael Shuman
  • David Grohl
  • Joey Castillo
2013 Readers' Album #50

2017 Matador
  1. Feet Don't Fail Me
  2. The Way You Used To Do
  3. Domesticated Animals
  4. Fortress
  5. Head Like A Haunted House
  6. Un-Reborn Again
  7. Hideaway
  8. The Evil Has Landed
  9. Villains Of Circumstance
  • Josh Homme
  • Troy Van Leeuwan
  • Dean Fertita
  • Michael Shuman
  • Jon Theodore

In Times New Roman ...  
2023 Matador
  1. Obscenery
  2. Paper Machete
  3. 03 Negative Space
  4. Time & Place
  5. Made To Parade
  6. Carnavoyeur
  7. What The Peephole Say
  8. Sicily
  9. Emotion Sickness
  10. Straight Jacket Fitting
  • Josh Homme
  • Troy Van Leeuwan
  • Dean Fertita
  • Michael Shuman
  • Jon Theodore

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