Origin: USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock
Page online: September 24, 2021
Last update/review: May 31, 2022


Another band from the Kyuss family tree, Stöner features the original Kyuss rhythm section of Brant Bjork (here on guitar) and Nick Oliveri, both of whom have worked on post-Kyuss projects over the years. Stoner Rules is a languid, bluesy, desert-y affair, simplistic yet effective, with relaxed musicianship and a bit of an improv feel. This has the earmark of a one-off collaboration, but the guys claim they're in it for the long haul.

Recent album: Boogie To Baja, released on February 13, 2023.

Current Members

Brant Bjork

vocals/guitars (ex-Fu Manchu, ex-Kyuss, Vista Chino)

Nick Oliveri

bass (ex-Kyuss, ex-Masters Of Reality, ex-Queens Of The Stone Age, Vista Chino)

Ryan Güt



Stoners Rule  
2021 Heavy Psych
  1. Rad Stays Rad
  2. The Older Kids
  3. Own Yer Blues
  4. Nothin'
  5. Evel Never Dies
  6. Stand Down
  7. Tribe/Fly Girl
  • Brant Bjork
  • Nick Oliveri
  • Ryan Güt

Totally ...  
2022 Heavy Psych
  1. Party March
  2. A Million Beers
  3. Strawberry Creek (Dirty Feet)
  4. Spacedude & The Burn
  5. Stöner Theme
  6. Turn It Around Now
  7. Driving Miss Lazy
  8. Great American Sage
  • Brant Bjork
  • Nick Oliveri
  • Ryan Güt

Boogie To Baja  EP
2023 Heavy Psych
  1. Stöner Theme (Baja Version)
  2. City Kids
  3. Night Tripper vs. No Brainer
  4. It Ain't Free
  5. Boogie to Baja
  • Brant Bjork
  • Nick Oliveri
  • Ryan Güt

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