Origin: England  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Last update/review: November 29, 2004


Re-Animator was one of several similarly-style British thrash bands of the early nineties, a group that also included Acid Reign, Xentrix, among others. The album reviewed here, Condemned To Eternity, is typical of the style, fine though not much different from the aforementioned two bands nor the many other thrash albums that were released about that time. Apparently, however, the band radically shifted direction on the later releases, towards a funk metal style (not confirmed here, this is only based on a report read elsewhere).

Last Lineup

Kev Ingleson

vocals/rhythm guitar

Dan Murray


Jamie Cammish


Former Members/Guests

Lee Robinson

vocals RIP: August 15, 2022

Adam Clarke


Grahame Dixon


Mike Abel


John Wilson

bass/backing vocals

Mark Mitchell

drums (ex-Throwdown)


Deny Reality  EP
1989 Under One Flag
  1. Deny reality
  2. Follow the masses
  3. Fatal descent
  4. O.P.C.
  5. D.U.A.F.
  6. Re-animator
  • Kev Ingleson
  • Mike Abel
  • John Wilson
  • Mark Mitchell

Condemned To Eternity  
1990 Under One Flag
  1. Low life
  2. Chain of command
  3. Room 101
  4. Condemned to eternity
  5. Shock treatment
  6. Buried alive
  7. Techno fear
  8. What the fuck
  9. Say your prayers
  • Kev Ingleson
  • Mike Abel
  • John Wilson
  • Mark Mitchell

1991 Under One Flag
  1. Rude awakening
  2. Laughing
  3. Kipper'n'
  4. Another fine mess
  5. Too drunk to fuck
  6. Monkey see monkey dance
  7. Don't patronise me
  8. Instrumental
  9. Time and tide
  10. Big black cloud
  • Kev Ingleson
  • Mike Abel
  • John Wilson
  • Mark Mitchell

That Was Then, This Is Now  
1992 Under One Flag
  1. Take me away
  2. 2cv
  3. Cold sweat
  4. Hope
  5. Last laugh
  6. Kick back
  7. Listen up
  8. Sunshine times
  9. That was then ... this is now
  10. D.U.A.F.
  • Lee Robinson
  • Adam Clarke
  • Grahame Dixon
  • John Wilson
  • Mark Mitchell

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