Origin: Sweden  
Page online: November 25, 2003
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Rosicrucian released two albums of technically-minded thrash in the early nineties, pretty well done even considering the glut of thrash bands at the time. After those two albums were released, all but vocalist Uffe Petersson continued on in another band callled Slapdash, which may have been just a simple renaming of this band.

Last Lineup

Uffe Petersson

vocals (Mezzrow)

Magnus Söderman

guitars (Mezzrow, Nightrage, ex-Slapdash)

Lars Lindén

guitars (Carnal Forge, Polarized)

Fredrik Jacobsen

bass (ex-Slapdash)


drums (ex-Slapdash)

Former Members/Guests

Glyn Grimwade


Patrik Marchente



1992 Black Mark
  1. Column Of Grey
  2. Way Of All Flesh
  3. Within The Silence
  4. Esoteric Traditions
  5. Autocratic Faith
  6. Nothing But Something Remains
  7. Aren't You Bored Enough
  8. Back In The Habit
  9. Defy The Opposition
  10. Do You Know Who You're Crucifying
  • Glyn Grimwade
  • Magnus Söderman
  • Lars Lindén
  • Fredrik Jacobsen
  • Patrik Marchente

No Cause For Celebration  
1995 Black Mark
  1. Much About Nothing
  2. Parts Of Me
  3. No Cause For Celebration
  4. Stench Of Life
  5. Stagnation Of Emotions
  6. Words Without Meaning
  7. The Opening Of The Glory End
  8. Naked Face Down
  9. A Moment Of War
  • Uffe Petersson
  • Magnus Söderman
  • Lars Lindén
  • Fredrik Jacobsen
  • Bärget

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