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Slapdash is the continuation of the Swedish thrash band Rosicrucian, who released two albums in the early nineties. Rosicrucian was more rooted in traditional thrash, while Slapdash instead opts for a more aggro-thrash style somewhat in the Pantera mold, or perhaps Meshuggah, thanks in part to vocalist Jens Mortensen (the only non-Rosicrucian holdover) using a harsher singing style. They only lasted one album, with members later involved in several bands such as Carnal Forge, Revolver, Leech, and Inrage.

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Last Lineup

Jens Mortensen

vocals (ex-Carnal Forge, ex-Revolver)

Magnus Söderman

guitars (Mezzrow, Nightrage, ex-Rosicrucian)

Lars Linden

rhythm guitar

Fredrik Jacobsen

bass (ex-Rosicrucian)


drums (ex-Rosicrucian)


240.25 Actual Reality  
1996 MNW
  1. Nothing Remains
  2. No Love Last
  3. Dependence Gone
  4. Bound
  5. Lost
  6. New God
  7. So Be It
  8. Soulless
  9. On My Own
  10. My Enemy
  11. Follow Not
  12. Get A Life
  13. Free Your Mind
  14. Untitled
  • Jens Mortensen
  • Magnus Söderman
  • Lars Linden
  • Fredrik Jacobsen
  • Bärget

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