Origin: Seattle, Washington, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Page online: March 14, 2010
Last update/review: March 14, 2010


Details are a bit sketchy on this 80's Seattle band. They made their first vinyl appearance on the obscure Northwest Metalfest compilation, which also featured a very young Metal Church (notably, recent Church members Ronny Munroe and Rick Van Zandt have served time in this band in one form or another). By 1985 they had recorded their first album, Screams Of The Innocent, but whether it was officially released prior to its 2002 CD release by Hellion Records isn't clear (sources seem to differ on this). A second album, also released by Hellion Records, came out in 2004, though again whether this was a current release or an older recording is unclear. The style on Innocent is energetic, aggressive 80's metal, predating the thrash movement though there are some thrashy moments as well.

Last Lineup

Martin Morin

vocals (ex-Alchemy X)

Rick Van Zandt

guitars (ex-Metal Church)

Tim Wolfe


Izzy Rehaume


Doug Marrapodi


Former Members/Guests

Paul Crisman


Ronny Munroe

vocals (ex-Metal Church, One Machine, ex-Vicious Rumors)


Screams Of The Innocent  
  1. Exterminator
  2. Set the World on Fire
  3. Bach - Prelude No. 2
  4. No Escape
  5. Rock 'n' Roll You Bring Me Pain
  6. Tough to Take
  7. Seductress from Hell
  8. Where I Am
  9. She
  10. Intense As Hell
  • Paul Crisman
  • Tim Wolfe
  • Izzy Rehaume
  • Doug Marrapodi

Rage Of War  
2004 Hellion
  1. Rage Of War
  2. Hell To Pay
  3. Evil Genius
  4. Demise
  5. Enter The Flame
  6. F.O.P. (Friend Of Pain)
  7. Toccata In D Minor
  8. Enemy
  9. Speed Of Light
  10. Underground
  11. Never Wanted
  • Martin Morin
  • Rick Van Zandt
  • Izzy Rehaume
  • Doug Marrapodi

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