Origin: Santos, Brazil  
Genres: Power Metal
Page online: November 27, 2018
Last update/review: November 27, 2018


This Brazilian band started life in the progressive metal category, but on their 2011 album Inner Monster Out, they've dropped the pretentions and gone for a more power/groove metal sound, with downtuned, crunchy modern riffs melded with a traditional Euro power metal base, and topped with clear strong vocals. The band maintains a proper balance of melody and aggression, the songs are catchy without pandering to the masses. For whatever reason these guys and gal have maintained an infrequent recording schedule (5 releases in 17 years, and their latest, 2017's Shades Of Humanity, comes after a six-year break from recording), and at this point they're probably locked into a second-division career, but for modern, punchy, melodic metal, one could do far worse.

Current Members

Dani Nolden


Raphael Mattos


Magnus Rosén

bass (ex-HammerFall, ex-Jorn, ex-Keegan, ex-Revolution Renaissance, ex-X-World/5)

Fabio Buitvidas


Former Members/Guests

Bill Shadow (Fabio Rodrigues)


Ricky Slater


Lucas De Santis


Edu Simoes


Ricardo Piccoli


A.S. Rock



Shadowside  EP
  1. Enter the Shadowside
  2. Vampire Hunter
  3. Illusions
  4. Shadowside
  5. Kingdom of Life
  6. Believe in Yourself
  • Dani Nolden
  • Bill Shadow
  • Ricky Slater
  • Lucas De Santis
  • A.S. Rock

Theatre Of Shadows  
  1. Enter the Shadowside
  2. Vampire Hunter
  3. Highlight
  4. We Want a Miracle
  5. Illusions
  6. Queen of the Sky
  7. Believe in Yourself
  8. Tonight
  9. Kingdom of Life
  10. Red Storm
  11. Act 1 - Shadow Dance
  12. Act 2 - Here to Stay
  • Dani Nolden
  • Bill Shadow
  • Ricky Slater
  • Lucas De Santis
  • Fabio Buitvidas

Dare To Dream  
  1. Nation Hollow Mind
  2. In the Night
  3. Last Thoughts
  4. Hideaway
  5. Baby in the Dark
  6. Ready or Not
  7. Memories
  8. Wings of Freedom
  9. Time to Say Goodbye
  10. Life Denied
  11. Dare to Dream
  • Dani Nolden
  • Raphael Mattos
  • Edu Simoes
  • Fabio Buitvidas

Inner Monster Out  
  1. Gag Order
  2. Angel with Horns
  3. Habitchual
  4. In the Name of Love
  5. Inner Monster Out
  6. I'm Your Mind
  7. My Disrupted Reality
  8. A Smile upon Death
  9. Whatever Our Fortune
  10. A.D.D.
  11. Waste of Life
  12. Inútil (Ultraje A Rigor cover)
  • Dani Nolden
  • Raphael Mattos
  • Ricardo Piccoli
  • Fabio Buitvidas

Shades Of Humanity  
2017 EMP
  1. The Fall
  2. Beast Inside
  3. What If
  4. Make My Fate
  5. Insidious Me
  6. The Crossing
  7. Stream of Shame
  8. Parade the Sacrifice
  9. Drifter
  10. Unreality
  11. Alive
  • Dani Nolden
  • Raphael Mattos
  • Magnus Rosén
  • Fabio Buitvidas

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