Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Hard Rock
Last update/review: August 9, 2006


Essentially a solo project for one Jeff Keegan, this Swedish band played 80's-inspired hard rock/metal, sounding much more American than anything European. Somewhat noteworthy for some notable members that were involved in some higher-profile bands, but ultimately this band wasn't terribly memorable.

Last Lineup

Jeff Keegan

vocals/lead guitar

Thomas Jeager

rhythm guitar

Magnus Rosén

bass (ex-HammerFall, ex-Jorn, ex-Revolution Renaissance, Shadowside, ex-X-World/5)

Ralph Ryden


Former Members/Guests

Anders Johansson

drums (ex-HammerFall, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Manowar, ex-Silver Mountain, ex-Winterlong)


Agony Of Despair  
1993 Aprobo
  1. Denial
  2. Winter
  3. Injustice
  4. Centre Of The War
  5. Concession
  6. Shadows And Dreams
  7. Wasted Existence
  8. Uncontrolled Evolution
  • Jeff Keegan
  • Anders Johansson

Mind No Mind  
1995 Aprobo
  1. Back To The Wall
  2. Dictatorial Gold
  3. Money Rules
  4. Timebell
  5. Lean On Me
  6. Forever Calling
  7. In The Name Of God
  8. Tears Like Rain
  9. Presence Of Violence
  10. Expanding Virus
  • Jeff Keegan
  • Thomas Jeager
  • Magnus Rosén
  • Ralph Ryden

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