Origin: Wichita, Kansas, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: March 24, 2010
Last update/review: March 24, 2010

Sanctus Infernum

Sanctus Infernum hails from Kansas, which many know is Manilla Road territory, and in fact a former Roadie leads this band, that being bassist Mark Anderson (here as guitarist). Anderson put the group together in 2006 and a debut, self-titled album was put out two years later. Forget Manilla Road from here on out, though, as Sanctus Infernum is quite a different animal. What we have here is, literally, doom/death metal, but not doomdeath in the My Dying Bride style. Instead, this is largely classic underground doom metal, with a rather unique vocal take that may be a dividing point with this band. Low, gutteral, semi-spoken, and not varying much from song to song, at times they provide the right punch and aggression, at other times their sameness detract from the melodies. There are some cool ideas here, with this reviewer's favorite track being the meandering "Waking The Dead". This isn't a perfect album by any stretch, as some of the songs blend together a bit too much and the production is a bit pedestrian, but it's a fairly strong and somewhat unique take on doom metal.

Current Members

Ricky Vannatta


Mark Anderson

guitars (ex-Manilla Road)

Scott Peters

bass (ex-Manilla Road)

Chris Johnson

drums (Deafheaven, ex-Masters Of Reality)

Former Members/Guests

Jason Banks

bass (Persian Risk)


Sanctus Infernum  
2008 self-released
  1. Flesh Without Sin
  2. God Unto Myself
  3. The Journey Back
  4. Facing The Black
  5. Suffer
  6. Waking The Dead
  7. What Calm Is Without Storm
  8. Let It Be So
  • Ricky Vannatta
  • Mark Anderson
  • Chris Johnson

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