Origin: Belgium  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Page online: June 18, 2007
Last update/review: June 18, 2007


The history of Satyrian is a rather convoluted one, involving membership from seemingly every country in Europe, as well as changing name along the way. It all started in the mid-nineties as a project known as Danse Macabre, founded by Belgian vocalist Gunther Theys (Ancient Rites) along with two well-known Greeks, Septicflesh mainman Sotiris Voeynas and Necromantia keyboardist George "Magus Daoloth" Zaharopoulos. This version didn't last too long, but Theys continued, drafting Finnish guitarist Jan Yrlund, and the pair, along with some session players, released Totentanz in 1998. Two more permanent members were added, and as a quartet their next album, Eva, was produced, followed by an odds-and-ends EP in 2002 on the Hammerheart label. By this time, though, founder Theys had had enough and left the group, with Yrlund picking up the leadership reins. Soon after, a new version of the band came together, and at that time they switched name to Satyrian. Now featuring members from Belgium, Finland, Germany, Holland, and Serbia (plus another of Italian/Dutch heritage), the band, now a 7-piece, released Eternitas in 2006. Gothic metal has always been the primary style for this band, and Eternitas showcases the genre in grand fashion, featuring excellent vocals (two clean female, one male death, one male clean), graceful keyboards, grandiose yet still accessible arrangements, basically all the hallmarks of classic gothic metal. As Danse Macabre, the band showed promise but never quite made it big, but perhaps the new beginning as Satyrian will bring better fortune.

Current Members

Roman Schönsee


Kemi Vita


Judith Stüber


Jan Yrlund

guitars/programming (ex-Ancient Rites)

Oliver Phillips


Milos Marisevic


Merijn Mol


Former Members/Guests

Gunther Theys

vocals (Ancient Rites)


1998 Mascot
  1. Dust Of Centuries
  2. Totentanz
  3. Death In Midsummer
  4. Gott Ist Tot
  5. Jester's Farewell (Solitude)
  6. Decline Of Romanticism
  7. Tristesse
  8. Ignorance Is Bliss
  9. Overture To The Sun
  10. Megalomania
  11. Psychopompos
  12. Dream Within A Dream
  • Gunther Theys
  • Jan Yrlund

  1. Sacred
  2. Trojan Horse
  3. Danse Macabre
  4. Oblivion
  5. Burning Hills
  6. Orchid
  7. Grief
  8. South Of Eden
  9. Cypress Tree
  10. Thick As Thieves
  11. Bed Of Roses
  • Gunther Theys
  • Jan Yrlund
  • Milos Marisevic
  • Merijn Mol

Matters Of The Heart  EP
2002 Hammerheart
  1. Danse Macabre (remastered)
  2. Danse Macabre (lonely puppet mix)
  3. And I Bleed
  4. Oblivion (addicted heart mix)
  5. Trojan Horse (hungry ghost mix)
  6. Danse Macabre (video)
  7. The Making Of... (video)

2006 Lion
  1. Eternitas
  2. Invictus
  3. Feel the Rush
  4. My Legacy
  5. The Dark Gift
  6. Sacred Lies
  7. Bridge of Death
  8. Fall from Grace
  9. No Tears, No Embrace
  10. The Haunted Lovers
  11. This Dream
  12. Ewigkeit
  • Roman Schönsee
  • Kemi Vita
  • Judith Stüber
  • Jan Yrlund
  • Oliver Phillips
  • Milos Marisevic
  • Merijn Mol

The Dark Gift  
2007 Lion
  1. Invictus (Master of Fate ReMix)
  2. The Dark Gift (The Lygophilia ReMix)
  3. Eternitas (Infinite Synthesis)
  4. Fall From Grace (The Fallen Remix)
  5. The Dark Gift (TimV Fused Radio Edit)
  6. No Tears, No Embrace (The Satyr’s Cave Club Remix)
  7. Ewigkeit (Ikuisuus Chill Out ReMix)
  8. Eternitas (Album version)
  • Roman Schönsee
  • Kemi Vita
  • Judith Stüber
  • Jan Yrlund
  • Oliver Phillips
  • Milos Marisevic
  • Merijn Mol

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