Origin: Kristiansand, Norway  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Last update/review: October 23, 2020

Trail Of Tears

Formed in 1994 (originally under the name Natt), Trail Of Tears was one of several (mostly) Norwegian bands in the symphonic gothic metal arena, utilizing both male death-ish and female soprano vocals (Theatre Of Tragedy is the traditional standard for such bands, though better reference points here might be labelmates Tristania or The Sins Of Thy Beloved). Their style features several of the trademarks of the genre: lush orchestrations, keyboard/guitar interplay, and grandiose arrangements. While not genre-changing, they managed a successful career spanning seven albums over their initial decade-plus lifetime. But personal differences plagued the band on more than one occasion -- first, an announced breakup in 2006 later clarified by band leader Ronny Thorsen as "everyone else left, I'm continuing the band with new members" (which he did), and later, more troubles between Thorsen and vocalist Cathrin Paulsen that underscored the bands' then-final breakup in 2013. After a seven-year absence, Thorsen and a reactivated lineup featuring both past and new members emerged in late 2020.

Current Members

Ronny Thorsen

vocals (ex-Scariot)

Pilar Giménez García

vocals (ex-Sirenia)

Runar Hansen

guitars (Chain Collector)

Nicolay Johnsen

guitars (Zerozonic)

Endre Moe

bass (Dimension F3H)

Jonathan Perez

drums (ex-Sirenia)

Former Members/Guests

Helena Iren Michaelsen


Cathrin Paulsen


Kjetil Nordhus

vocals (ex-Chain Collector, Green Carnation, ex-Subterranean Masquerade, ex-Tristania)

Terje Heiseldal


Bjørn Erik Næss


Pål Olsen


Kjell R. Hagen


Frank Roald Hagen


Cato Jensen

drums (Dimension F3H)

Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow

drums (Borknagar)


Disclosure In Red  
1998 DSFA
  1. When Silence Cries...
  2. The Daughters of Innocence
  3. The Day We Drowned
  4. Mournful Pigeon
  5. Swallowed Tears
  6. Illusion?
  7. Enigma of the Absolute
  8. Words of the Fly
  9. Temptress
  10. The Burden
  • Ronny Thorsen
  • Helena Iren Michaelsen
  • Runar Hansen
  • Terje Heiseldal
  • Kjell R. Hagen
  • Frank Roald Hagen
  • Jonathan Perez

2000 DSFA
  1. Countdown to ruin
  2. Driven through the ruins
  3. Fragile emotional disorder
  4. Profoundemonium
  5. Sign of the shameless
  6. In frustration's preludium
  7. In frustration's web
  8. Released at last
  9. Image of hope
  10. Disappointment's hope
  11. The haunted
  • Ronny Thorsen
  • Helena Iren Michaelsen
  • Runar Hansen
  • Terje Heiseldal
  • Kjell R. Hagen
  • Frank Roald Hagen
  • Jonathan Perez

A New Dimension Of Might  
2002 Napalm
  1. Ecstatic
  2. A Fate Sealed in Red
  3. Crashing Down
  4. Obedience in the Abscence of Logic
  5. Liquid View
  6. Denial and Pride
  7. The Call of Lust
  8. Splendid Coma Visions
  9. BloodRed Trance
  10. Caffeine
  • Ronny Thorsen
  • Cathrin Paulsen
  • Runar Hansen
  • Terje Heiseldal
  • Kjell R. Hagen
  • Frank Roald Hagen
  • Jonathan Perez

Free Fall Into Fear  
2005 Napalm
  1. Joyless Trance of Winter
  2. Carrier of the Scars of Life
  3. Frail Expectations
  4. Cold Hand of Retribution
  5. Watch You Fall
  6. The Architect of My Downfall
  7. Drink Away the Demons
  8. Point Zero
  9. Dry Well of Life
  10. The Face of Jealousy
  • Ronny Thorsen
  • Kjetil Nordhus
  • Runar Hansen
  • Terje Heiseldal
  • Kjell R. Hagen
  • Frank Roald Hagen
  • Jonathan Perez

2007 Napalm
  1. Deceptive Mirrors
  2. My Comfort
  3. Venom Inside My Veins
  4. Decadence Becomes Me
  5. She Weaves Shadows
  6. The Closing Walls
  7. Empty Room
  8. Poisonous Tongues
  9. As It Penetrates
  10. Shades of Yesterday
  • Ronny Thorsen
  • Kjetil Nordhus
  • Runar Hansen
  • Kjell R. Hagen
  • Jonathan Perez

Bloodstained Endurance  
2009 Napalm
  1. The Feverish Alliance
  2. Once Kissed By The Serpent (Twice Bitten By Truth)
  3. Bloodstained Endurance
  4. Triumphant Gleam
  5. In The Valley Of Ashes
  6. A Storm At Will
  7. Take Aim.Reclaim.Prevail
  8. The Desperation Corridors
  9. Farewell To Sanity
  10. Dead End Gaze
  11. Faith Comes Knocking
  • Ronny Thorsen
  • Cathrin Paulsen
  • Bjørn Erik Næss
  • Pål Olsen
  • Endre Moe
  • Cato Jensen

2013 Massacre
  1. Waves of Existence
  2. Scream Out Loud
  3. Crimson Leads on the Trail of Tears
  4. Oscillation
  5. Path of Destruction
  6. Vultures Guard My Shadow
  7. The Dawning
  8. Room 306
  9. Our Grave Philosophy
  10. Lost in Life
  11. Eradicate
  • Ronny Thorsen
  • Cathrin Paulsen
  • Bjørn Erik Næss
  • Endre Moe
  • Bjørn Dugstad Rønnow

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