Origin: Topeka, Kansas, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: September 24, 2018
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Unmerciful formed in 2001, released a debut album in 2006, and then went a decade before their second album, Ravenous Impulse, came out in 2016. The current lineup has several ties to another Topeka band in Origin, as both guitarists and drummer John Longstreth have served time there over the years. And similar to that band, the focus on Ravenous Impulse is brutal technical death metal. It's intense, ferocious, perhaps a bit samey from one song to the next, but pounding and unrelenting all the same. Special kudos to the insane drumwork of Longstreth -- he's long since proven his meddle and here he's almost a nonstop blast beat machine. Though by no means retro, this style of death really harkens back to a decade or more previous, and that's not a bad thing.

Current Members

Kris Bolton


Justin Payne


Clint Appelhanz

guitars (ex-Origin)

Jeremy Turner

guitars/bass (ex-Origin)

John Longstreth

drums (ex-Angelcorpse, Dim Mak, ex-Gorguts, Origin, ex-Skinless)

Former Members/Guests

Tony Reust


James King

drums (ex-Origin)


Unmercifully Beaten  
2006 Unique Leader
  1. Masochistic Rampage
  2. Cast to Flames
  3. Unmercifully Beaten
  4. Mass Execution
  5. Retribution
  6. Shotgun Sodomy
  7. Legion of Sickness
  8. Seething Darkness
  9. Catatonia (Suffocation US cover) (Live)
  10. Shotgun Sodomy (Live)
  11. Legion of Sickness (Live)
  • Tony Reust
  • Clint Appelhanz
  • Jeremy Turner
  • James King

Ravenous Impulse  
2016 Unique Leader
  1. Unmerciful
  2. Abscission
  3. Ravenous Impulse
  4. Sociopathic Predation
  5. Kill Reflex
  6. Habitual Savagery
  7. Enduring Torture
  8. Kingdom of Serpents
  9. Methodic Absolution
  • Kris Bolton
  • Justin Payne
  • Clint Appelhanz
  • Jeremy Turner
  • John Longstreth

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