Origin: Tempe, Arizona, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: November 6, 2011
Last update/review: May 27, 2020


Originally hailing from Arizona but soon relocating to Philadelphia, Vektor was one of many bands holding the thrash banner high in the new millennium, but they did not take the stale retro route like many contemporaries. Fans first began to take notice with the release of Demolition in 2006 (originally considered the band's debut album but later reclassified as a demo), and a pair of releases on the up-and-coming thrash label Heavy Artillery cemented their status as rising stars. Their style is rooted in thrash but with technical/progressive tendencies, and their sci-fi lyrics lent an air of originality as well. By 2016 the band was firing on all cylinders, as that year's Terminal Redux album (now on Earache) was a critical success and the groundswell of underground fan support was beginning to take hold. But six months after the album's release, three of the four members amicably left to pursue other interests, leaving only founder Disanto behind. The band remained inactive until May 2020, when guitarist Erik Nelson returned, with two new members in tow.

Current Members

David Disanto


Erik Nelson


Stephen Coon


Mike Ohlson


Former Members/Guests

Mike Tozzi


Frank Chin


Adam Anderson


Blake Anderson

drums (Hammers Of Misfortune)


  1. Spiral Galaxy
  2. Oblivion
  3. Fast Paced Society
  4. Venus Project
  5. Destroying the Cosmos
  6. Infiltration
  7. Moonbase
  8. Tetrastructural Minds
  • David Disanto
  • Erik Nelson
  • Mike Tozzi
  • Adam Anderson

Black Future  
2009 Heavy Artillery
  1. Black Future
  2. Oblivion
  3. Destroying the Cosmos
  4. Forests of Legend
  5. Hunger for Violence
  6. Deoxyribonucleic Acid
  7. Asteroid
  8. Dark Nebula
  9. Accelerating Universe
  • David Disanto
  • Erik Nelson
  • Frank Chin
  • Blake Anderson

Outer Isolation  
2011 Heavy Artillery
  1. Cosmic Cortex
  2. Echoless Chamber
  3. Dying World
  4. Tetrastructural Minds
  5. Venus Project
  6. Dark Creations, Dead Creators
  7. Fast Paced Society
  8. Outer Isolation
  • David Disanto
  • Erik Nelson
  • Frank Chin
  • Blake Anderson
2011 Readers' Album #28

Terminal Redux  
2016 Earache
  1. Charging the Void
  2. Cygnus Terminal
  3. LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)
  4. Mountains Above the Sun
  5. Ultimate Artificer
  6. Pteropticon
  7. Psychotropia
  8. Pillars of Sand
  9. Collapse
  10. Recharging the Void
  • David Disanto
  • Erik Nelson
  • Frank Chin
  • Blake Anderson
2016 Readers' Album #8

Transmissions Of Chaos  EP
2021 independent
  1. Activate
  2. Dead By Dawn
  • David Disanto
  • Erik Nelson
  • Stephen Coon
  • Mike Ohlson

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