Origin: Providence, Rhode Island, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: May 27, 2004
Last update/review: July 26, 2015

Vital Remains

A veteran East Coast death metal band, Vital Remains already had made a name for themselves with a string of successful albums in the 90's, but scored a major coup by recruiting Deicide's Glen Benton for their fifth album, 2003's Dechristianize, one of the better pure death metal releases of the year. Benton's vocals are as intense as one would expect, but the guitar work of Tony Lazaro and Dave Suzuki deserve a mention, as they inject an unexpected sense of melody amidst the typical brutal riffing (best heard on the title track). Benton hung around for the band's next (and, to date, last) album, 2007's Icons Of Evil, but is long gone, with founder Tony Lazaro keeping the band alive with a revamped lineup.

Current Members

Tony Lazaro


Dean Arnold


Gator Collier


James Payne

drums (ex-Hour Of Penance, Kataklysm)

Former Members/Guests

Jeff Gruslin


Thorn (Timothy Donovan)


Brian Werner


Glen Benton

vocals (Deicide)

Paul Flynn


Joe Lewis


Rick Corbett


Dave Suzuki



Let Us Pray  
1992 Peaceville
  1. In Paradise
  2. Of Pure Unholiness
  3. Ceremony Of The Seventh Circle
  4. Uncultivated Grave
  5. Malevolent Invocation
  6. Isolated Magick
  7. Cult Of The Dead
  8. Frozen Terror
  9. Amulet Of The Conquering
  • Jeff Gruslin
  • Tony Lazaro
  • Paul Flynn
  • Joe Lewis

Into Cold Darkness  
1995 Peaceville
  1. Immortal Crusade
  2. Under The Moons Fog
  3. Crown Of The Black Hearts
  4. Scrolls Of A Millenium Past
  5. Into Cold Darkness
  6. Descent Into Hell
  7. Angels Of Blasphemy
  8. Dethroned Emperor
  • Jeff Gruslin
  • Tony Lazaro
  • Paul Flynn
  • Joe Lewis
  • Rick Corbett

Forever Underground  
1997 Osmose
  1. Forever Underground
  2. Battle Ground
  3. I Am God
  4. Farewell To The Messiah
  5. Eastern Journey
  6. Divine In Fire
  • Tony Lazaro
  • Joe Lewis
  • Dave Suzuki

Dawn Of The Apocalypse  
1999 Osmose
  1. Intro
  2. Black Magick Curse
  3. Dawn Of The Apocalypse
  4. Sanctity In Blasphemous Ruin
  5. Came No Ray Of Light
  6. Flag Of Victory
  7. Behold The Throne Of Chaos
  8. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes
  9. Societe Des Luciferiens
  • Thorn
  • Tony Lazaro
  • Joe Lewis
  • Dave Suzuki

2003 Olympic
  1. Let The Killing Begins
  2. Dechristianize
  3. Infidel
  4. Devoured Elysium
  5. Saviour To None.Failure For All
  6. Unleash Hell
  7. Rush Of Deliverance
  8. At War With God
  9. Entwined By Vengeance
  • Glen Benton
  • Tony Lazaro
  • Dave Suzuki
2003 Readers' Album #29

Horrors Of Hell  COMPILATION
2006 Century Media
  1. Of Pure Unholyness
  2. Frozen Terror
  3. Human Sacrifice
  4. Resurrected
  5. Fallen Angels
  6. Excruciating Pain
  7. Nocturnal Blasphemy
  8. Vital Remains
  9. Smoldering Burial
  10. Morbid Death
  11. Reduced to Ashes
  12. More Brains
  13. Slaughter Shack

Icons Of Evil  
2007 Century Media
  1. Where Is Your God Now
  2. Icons of Evil
  3. Scorned
  4. Born To Rape The World
  5. Reborn ... The Upheaval of Nihility
  6. Hammer Down The Nails
  7. Shrapnel Embedded Flesh
  8. 'Til Death
  9. In Infamy
  10. Disciples of Hell
  • Glen Benton
  • Tony Lazaro
  • Dave Suzuki
2007 Readers' Album #75

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