Origin: Rouen, France  
Genres: Eclectic Metal, Black Metal
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Page online: December 18, 2017
Last update/review: December 18, 2017

Void Paradigm

Void Paradigm is an aptly-named enigmatic French trio -- aptly named because "void paradigm" seems a rather abstract and mysterious term, and Void Paradigm's eclectic take on metal is difficult to pigeonhole. There's a fair amount of discordance that recent French black metal bands favor, but also more experimentalism, at times almost approaching the weirdness of, say, Virus, along with a healthy dose of minimalist, freeform, almost jazzy playing that keeps things interesting. The black metal influences are present, but they are just that, parts of a whole rather than the basis for their style. At times things get a bit directionless, but more often than not this is an engaging band worth seeking out.

Current Members

Jonathan Théry


Julien Payan


Alexis Damien



Void Paradigm  
2012 Totalrust
  1. Chao ab Chao
  2. Fighting the Silence
  3. Symmetrichaos
  4. Void Paradigm
  5. Building Cathedrals
  6. Timeless Nothingness
  • Jonathan Théry
  • Julien Payan
  • Alexis Damien

Earth's Disease  
2015 Apathia
  1. Crushing the Human Skull
  2. Revenge
  3. Earth's Disease
  4. Sick Life Fading
  5. From the Earth to the Skies
  • Jonathan Théry
  • Julien Payan
  • Alexis Damien

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