Origin: Bottrop, Germany  
Genres: Doom Metal
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Page online: August 9, 2006
Last update/review: April 26, 2015


Adopting the Y spelling to differentiate themselves from several similarly-titled bands (including the excellent Swedish band Witchcraft), Germany's Wytchcraft formed in 1999 and have two self-financed releases to their credit, the most recent being their 2006 debut full-length album, the oddly titled I Taste Your Fucking Tears Of Sorrow. Considering that this is a self-released effort, the end result is impressive, classic doom done right with broad song structures and a surprisingly full production. The one question mark is the vocals -- simply put, Kai Tubbesing really doesn't possess a great voice, and his attempts at majestic doom singing occasionally fall flat. At times he adopts an almost death-ish growl which is somewhat more effective, though his voice still isn't commanding as one might expect from this style of music. Thankfully he doesn't often try to overextend himself, and at his best his voice has an engaging, NWOBHM rawness that fits the riffs well enough. Vocals aside, this is well-done doom metal, and even with the vocal shortcomings this is a recommended album. The band appears to be inactive at this point.

Last Lineup

Kai Tubbesing


Markus Kratz


Daniel Westheide


Eric Asmussen


Fabian Regmann



(MCD) Grenzänger  
2003 self-released
  1. From Dusk Till Doom
  2. Questions
  3. The Circle Of Life
  4. Under The Surface
  • Kai Tubbesing
  • Markus Kratz
  • Daniel Westheide
  • Eric Asmussen
  • Fabian Regmann

I Taste Your Fucking Tears Of Sorrow  
2005 self-released
  1. I Taste Your Fucking Tears Of Sorrow
  2. Prayer's Night
  3. Winterland
  4. Lass mich gehen
  5. Pathway Into Eternity
  6. Lost
  7. Entities From An Unknown Plane
  8. Apocalyptic Visions
  • Kai Tubbesing
  • Markus Kratz
  • Daniel Westheide
  • Eric Asmussen
  • Fabian Regmann

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