Origin: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA  
Genres: Doom Metal, Instrumental
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Page online: May 30, 2016
Last update/review: May 30, 2016

Zebulon Pike

Zebulon Pike is a rather unique entity, a instrumental proggy doom band that has been plying their trade since 2002. Their songs are long (most are well over 10 minutes in length), and often have a loose, improvisational feel to them, with quite a bit of meandering and plenty of sparse ambient moments interspersed with some heavier riffing. Not exactly toe-tapping or radio-friendly in any way, but they do make for an interesting listen.

Current Members

Erik Fratzke

guitars (ex-Juggernaut)

Morgan Berkus


Tom Berg


Erik Bolen


Former Members/Guests

Steve Post

bass (ex-Realm, ex-White Fear Chain)


And Blood Was Passion  
  1. The Iommi Variations
  2. Aztec Parallels
  3. Howl Of Wicca
  4. Under Capricorn
  5. Pillars Of Hercules
  • Erik Fratzke
  • Morgan Berkus
  • Tom Berg
  • Erik Bolen

II: The Deafening Twilight  
  1. The Pyramid is the Ascending Spiral
  2. And Blood Was the Passion
  3. Structure of the Black Stallion
  4. (behold) The Wizard's Fountain
  5. Ashes of Xerxes, Breath of Titan
  • Erik Fratzke
  • Morgan Berkus
  • Steve Post
  • Erik Bolen

  1. Mirrors of Blessed Miracles
  2. Star-Ocean
  3. The Avian Magi
  • Erik Fratzke
  • Morgan Berkus
  • Tom Berg
  • Erik Bolen

Space Is The Corpse Of Time  
  1. Spectrum Threshold
  2. Echoic Worlds
  3. Powers of the Living - Manifestations of the Dead
  4. Space Is the Corpse of Time
  5. Trigon In Force
  • Erik Fratzke
  • Morgan Berkus
  • Tom Berg
  • Erik Bolen

Nostalgia For The Unreal  
  1. Nostalgia (For the Unreal)
  2. The White Leopardess
  3. A Fragile Portal
  4. Epilogue: The Innumerable Incarnate
  • Erik Fratzke
  • Morgan Berkus
  • Tom Berg
  • Erik Bolen

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