Origin: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Post-Metal
Page online: July 4, 2010
Last update/review: July 4, 2010


A long overdue addition to these pages, if for no other reason than the fact that Sermons claimed a spot in the BNR Top Ten list for 2008 and only now, halfway through 2010, does the page appear. Anyway, Zodiak is a quintet featuring members from several other Philly bands ( Rosetta among them), and Sermons is their debut album. The record company feels that the album would appeal to fans of Tool and Pink Floyd, and there's certainly an element of both bands here, in particular the fantastic title track devolves into Floyd worship quite nicely. But there's more here than that, with a sort of atmospheric, spacey experimentalism, and some neat guitar effects (Radiohead-ish, perhaps?) that add a dischordant flair. This is rarely crushingly heavy or tradionally metallic, but it's compelling, and to their credit the songs don't all sound like each other, yet they do sound like they belong together. One of the more interesting bands to emerge in some time.

Current Members

Michael Armine

vocals/samples (Rosetta)

Christian McKenna


Mick Mullin


Armando Morales


Drew Juergens


Former Members/Guests

Herb Jowett



2008 Translation L.
  1. Excavate
  2. Sermons
  3. Etc.
  4. Wouldn't Wait
  5. Their God Reigns
  6. Zeros And Ones
  7. Outlined
  8. Untitled
  • Michael Armine
  • Christian McKenna
  • Mick Mullin
  • Herb Jowett
  • Drew Juergens

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