Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: November 25, 2003


Zoic features three members of the classic Candlemass lineup of the early nineties, this band having formed after Candlemass leader Leif Edling decided to start his Abstrakt Algebra project. Total Level Of Destruction is not doom metal, but rather slow to mid-paced Euro power metal, though it does retain that distinctive Candlemass guitar sound. Kind of an interesting listen though not groundbreaking. The Candlemass guys returned to that group some time ago, and this band was never heard from again.

Last Lineup

Fredric Olson (Fredrik Sjöholm)

vocals (ex-Veni Domine)

Lasse Johansson

lead guitar (Candlemass, ex-Creozoth)

Mats Bjorkman

rhythm guitar (Candlemass)

Peter Edwards


Jan Lindh

drums (Candlemass, ex-Creozoth)


Total Level Of Destruction  
1996 Powerline
  1. Intro
  2. No Time
  3. What Do You Believe In
  4. Madmen
  5. Warlords
  6. Lost My Faith
  7. Ravens Death
  8. Words Was Spoken
  9. Never Be The Same
  10. St: Dilo'n
  11. Outro
  • Fredric Olson
  • Lasse Johansson
  • Mats Bjorkman
  • Peter Edwards
  • Jan Lindh

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