Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Genres: Gothic Metal
Page online: March 6, 2024
Last update/review: March 6, 2024


Formed by one-time Dark Funeral bassist Zorn, Zornheym throws a lot at the listener with their ambitious brand of symphonic gothic metal with slight blackened influences and frequent use of choired vocals, lyrically wrapping it all up around tales of being incarcerated in mental institutions, giving the proceedings a bit of a concept-album flair. The songs are rollicking, dense, and quite engaging, with the symphonic elements really taking center stage.

Current Members

Jan Richard Bendler Andersson


Zorn (Tomas Nilsson)

guitars/bass (ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Devian)

Scucca (Alan McCahey)

guitars/backing vocals

Tino Vesanen


Kim Arnell

drums (ex-Morifade)

Former Members/Guests

Angst (Pär Johansson)

drums (ex-Torchbearer)

Joakim Steven



Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns  
2017 Non Serviam
  1. The Opposed
  2. Subjugation of the Cellist
  3. A Silent God
  4. Prologue to a Hypnosis
  5. Trifecta of Horrors
  6. And the Darkness Came Swiftly
  7. Whom the Night Brings...
  8. Decessit Vita Patris
  9. Hestia
  10. Corpus Vile
  11. An Evil Within
  12. Dead Silence
  13. Keep the Devil Away
  14. Slumber Comes in Time
  15. Black Nine
  16. The Veiling of Bettelheim’s Eye
  17. The Revelation
  18. Keep Cutting
  19. The Madness That Lurks Within (Epilogue)
  20. Whom the Night Brings...
  • Jan Richard Bendler Andersson
  • Zorn
  • Scucca
  • Angst

The Zornheym Sleep Experiment  
2021 Noble Demon
  • Jan Richard Bendler Andersson
  • Zorn
  • Scucca
  • Joakim Steven

The Forgotten Inmates  EP
2023 Noble Demon
  1. Keep the Devil Away (acoustic version)
  2. Slumber Comes in Time (folk version)
  3. Whom the Night Brings… (lockdown version)
  4. Corpus Vile (acapella)
  5. Garde le diable éloigné (French version)

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