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Band Album Year
Becoming The Archetype Terminate Damnation 2005
Becoming The Archetype The Physics Of Fire 2007
Becoming The Archetype Dichotomy 2008
Becoming The Archetype Celestial Completion 2011
Becoming The Archetype I Am 2012
Becoming The Archetype Celestial Progression 2012
Becoming The Archetype Children Of The Great Extinction 2022
Demon Hunter The Triptych 2005
Demon Hunter Storm The Gates Of Hell 2007
Demon Hunter 45 Days 2008
Demon Hunter Live In Nashville 2009
Demon Hunter Five Thorns 2010
Demon Hunter The World Is A Thorn 2010
Demon Hunter Death, A Destination 2011
Demon Hunter True Defiance 2012
Demon Hunter Extremist 2014
Demon Hunter Outlive 2017
Demon Hunter War 2019
Demon Hunter Peace 2019
Demon Hunter Songs Of Death And Resurrection 2021
Demon Hunter Exile 2022
Extol Burial 1998
Living Sacrifice The Hammering Process 2000
Living Sacrifice Conceived In Fire 2002
Living Sacrifice In Memoriam 2005
Living Sacrifice The Infinite Order 2010
Living Sacrifice Ghost Thief 2013
Soul Embraced This Is My Blood 2002
Soul Embraced Immune 2003
The Agony Scene The Agony Scene 2003
Underoath The Changing Of Times 2002
Underoath They're Only Chasing Safety 2004
Underoath Define The Great Line 2006
Underoath Lost In The Sound Of Separation 2008
Underoath Survive, Kaleidoscope 2008
Underoath Ø (Disambiguation) 2010
Underoath Live At Koko 2010
Underoath Play Your Old Stuff 2011
Underoath Anthology 1999-2013 2012
Zao Legendary 2004

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